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An unusual ornament appears on a Christmas Tree.
It was Christmas Eve and Robin looked at her twin, Raven and shook her head. They were in the living room of their mom’s Chicago condo staring at a bare Christmas tree. Raven sat in her mom’s favorite leather chair sulking and annoyed. For once, she wanted her sister to go away and just leave her alone.

Robin stared at her twin and said “Come on, you know mom would’ve wanted us to celebrate Christmas here. Let’s start decorating the tree!”

As Raven stared at her twin, she always found it amazing how much they looked alike. They were twenty one years old, had dark brown short haircuts, hazel brown eyes, and slim figures. It was almost impossible to tell them apart.

Raven ran her fingers along the arm of the brown leather recliner she was sitting in and thought about their mom. She passed a few months back and Raven was sad. Christmas would not be the same without her and she really wasn’t in the mood to dress a tree.

Robin was feisty and bossy while Raven was meek and mild. Although they were like night and day, the mental connection between them was very strong. One could sense what the other was feeling, thinking, or doing at any given moment. Family members often made comments, but their mother would always change the subject. She never wanted her daughters looked upon as different so everyone was forbidden to discuss it.

Robin started to pull out the ornaments as Raven unraveled the lights. There were gold and red miniature Santa clauses, silver miniature reindeer, and gold and red miniature elves. The lights were red and just enough to add the finishing touches to the tree.

After about an hour the tree was decorated and it looked beautiful. Raven’s eyes started to water because the tree reminded her that their mom was no longer with them.

“Hey sis, don’t cry. I believe mom is in a better place and she’s looking down on us proud as ever. You know she’s beaming because we took over her restaurants and I know she loves the great job we’re doing for Christmas.”

Raven looked at her sister and said, “You mean I took over her restaurants. What is it that you did again?

Robin laughed at her sister and lovingly smacked her on her arm.
“Well anyway, you’ve got me and I’ll make sure that we get through this together.”

Raven looked at her sister, nodded her head and walked toward the kitchen to start Christmas dinner. Both girls were terrific cooks because their mom was a chef and she taught them well. Raven loved to cook but Robin, not so much. Robin enjoyed partying and had no time for cooking. She was not domesticated at all.

After a few hours, most of the food was prepared and put away. Raven was so tired that she could hardly see straight. They were expecting a few family members and friends over the next day for Christmas dinner but nothing big. Raven wasn’t in the mood for company but Robin insisted. She thought it would be good to be around people so Raven went along with it.

Robin retreated to the back room of the house and Raven laid down on the plush brown leather sofa in the living room.

She stared at the Christmas tree and started to reminisce about her mom. She heard a noise coming from the back of the condo and turned her head. When she turned back around there was a silver colored ornament in the shape of a star sitting in the middle of the tree glowing.

Raven slowly got up and walked toward the tree and stopped. She looked closely at the tree and a face started to appear. As she walked closer to the ornament she realized her mother’s face was in the ornament.

Her mom’s face smiled at her and said, “Baby I know you’re hurting but I want you to know I’m fine. I didn’t want to appear in front of you both because Robin wouldn’t be able to handle it. Believe it or not, I picked you to talk to because you are stronger than your sister.

I am very proud of you two and I love you very much; but don’t waste too much time crying over me because you have a full life ahead of you. I’ll be watching over you two as best I can but in the meantime, live your life!”

Her mom’s face began to disappear and so did the ornament.
Raven wondered if it was all just a dream. She searched high and low on that tree for the star ornament but it wasn’t there. She fell to the floor, held her face and cried herself to sleep.

The next day Raven pulled herself together and she and her sister received the few friends and family they invited. After everyone was seated and served, Raven said grace and looked at the tree. Low and behold, that star ornament appeared again with her mom’s face in it. She gave Raven a quick wink and then it disappeared.

Raven came to the conclusion that either she was insane or she was in a dream.

Telling Robin about the ornament would require some thought because the more she thought about it; the more she was convinced that Robin would either try to commit her or freak out.

The pain from the loss was still there but the brief visit from her mother made Raven feel a lot better. For the first time in months, she felt like living again and she didn’t care whether it was a dream or not.

Christmas dinner turned out to be a big success and every now and again, Raven glanced at the tree and smiled. Deep down inside, she hoped to get another glimpse of her mom, but if not, it was okay.

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