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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2176384
after an inter-dimensional explosion caused by Darius the team finds themselves lost
Sky woke up with a searing headache.
"ugh my head,"
He looked around and noticed him and the team were in a forest. He crawled over to the nearest pile of clothes and skin and shook it.
"C'mon, up and adam"
"Five more minutes", Nick moaned pushing his hair from his face. that's when Sky realized Nick wasn't in his armor,and neither was he, or any of others.
"what the hell?"
Sky shot up and looked over himself his armor was replaced by a white cloth button up, Leather Chest plate, black leather coat, basic brown trousers and leather boots.
"I look like a Skyrim character"
He reached for his necklace in which he found a stone pendant with the horror insignia carved in it, the skull and schythe shining in the sunlight. His battle scythe was just a basic black metal blade with a shiny wood handle now.
He got a good look at everyone else as they got up. Nick was first to get up after Sky, being a fighter from the fantasy genre his outfit looked barely changed. other than it looking like actual knight armor than a cyber night with wires running up and down the metal, his sword was fully metal now to rather than light. Soon after Kat and Aaron both got up holding there heads. Aarons outfit was a bit lighter than Nick or Skys, being just a black shirt,Pants, boots and cloak, and red hair up in a ponytail. Her laser crossbow replaced with a very basic wooden one and a quiver of arrows. Kat had the same thing as Aaron except her black hair was still down with a burn scar running down her face, her dual pistols replaced with Daggers. Last to rise was Matt, having a black shirt and trousers with black boots. elbow, knee and Chest guard made of Steel on him, All his guns were gone, all he had was a couple old timey black powder pistols anf a crossbow with a piece of curved glass on top to serve as a scope.All of them wearing black stone bracelets.
"Where are we, and what am i wearing?" Aaron asked walking around a tree.
Wherever we are we've better get a move on before someone finds us knowing it Darius is here somewhere and we have to stop him before he messes up this world. Where ever we are ," Matt grabbed his stuff, loaded it into a canvas bag and started up the road
Kat stopped for a second
"Wait, wheres James?"

James woke up and lifter his head off the table.
"What, where am I?"
James looked over to see a rock with 3 eyes wearing a tiny helmet and sword looking at him
"My name is Google"
"WHOA," James yelped as he flew back and his chair fell over.
"I know you confused and probably having feelings of surprise and anxiety,"the rock continued,"but i promise I'll explain everything"
James, still stunned, picked up his chair,sat down and look around for the first time. He was sitting in a giant void area in space, he could see planets, galaxies and stars.In front of him a long wooden table, a 3d map of an island chain sitting on top, except the map was moving.Clouds,Ships,he could even see what might be people walking around. At the other end of the table was a giant rbbed sitting in a chair with fog covering it from the waist up, a tentacle hung down and gabbed a cup off the table.
Google looked over to the figure,
"Oh that's just my friend the Game Master he's harmless.You see when that man with the bright blue eyes opened a portal into the Realm of Games, he broke into our game trying to steal the powers of necromancy from the map.The Game Master trapped him here by using a teleportation spell. it worked for now, but unfortunately your friends got caught in the blast, we managed to pull you out at the last second."
James rubbed his head,"Wait, so then wheres Nick,and Matt, and Aaron-"
He was interrupted with a tiny sword put over his mouth. Google took the sword away and pointed at the map with it.
"They're right about there, on the outskirts of Fairhiem." Pointing at a small little town on the coast.
"Normally we'd have you roll dice for their actions, saves excetra,but as you aren't from this realm or dimension The Game Master wanted to play a game of fate since they know all their spells, and powers," Google looked back at the stunned teen,"They must Defeat this Darius person before he reaches the All Haven Spire and uses the magic at the top to will himself out with the powers of necromancy to wreak havoc on your world. Luckily his powers were partially contained when he was transformed into a warlock so he would blend in.Your friends must capture and restrain him, only then will the Game Master send you back."
James set back in his chair," so what now?"
"We've kinda nudged some of our ...... best agents to help them on their quest"
Google looked over at the Master a tentacle came down and rotated side to side in a 'so-so' gesture
James put his head in his hands and looked at the map as it zoomed in to his friends approaching the little town.

Kat walked up to the sign on the side of the dirt road reading 'Fairhiem' and turned around to the team,
"Seems like a good place to start,"
As they walked through town, they started to notice that this place was weirder than they thought. they saw Tall elves, gnomes, a Minotaur working a smithy.
Sky whispered to Matt,"Where the hell did Darius send us to this time"
As they walked down the main road through town Aaron's stomach growled.
"Sorry i guess i didnt eat before the mission,"
Sky looked around and pointed," hey look an inn."
As the group approached the 2 story wood and stone building they finally saw a sign hanging up front, carved in wood it read " The Pretty Cook".As they entered the half empty restaurant a smell of sweat, food and alcohol hit their nostrils.
"God and i thought the bar at home smelt bad," Nick put his bandanna over his mouth
"Ah, welcome travelers," A gruff voice said. They looked over to the bar on the far side of the eatery, a large man behind the counter washing glasses," I am the pretty cook, please sit and rest," he said motioning to the bar. As they sat down he grabbed 5 Steins and filled them with what looked like ale.
"On the house, so what brings you to Fairhiem"
Sky took a sip of the sweet tasting drink,
"we're searching for a powerfully magic man named Darius, pointy ears , dark cape, overly dramatic."
"Doesn't ring a bell, i'll keep my ears out though. If you'd like a place to stay, there's more than enough room here , just 10 gold a night. Sky reached down to jis pocket on his jacket and pulled out enough gold for the team to stay for a couple nights.
"Perfect," Pretty Cook laughed," just a heads up, your neighbors might be a bit , rowdy."
The team looked at each other when a thickly accented voice shouted across the inn,
"Ahh, Pretty Cook, how is favorite business partner,"
Aaron turned around to see a young Albino looking woman with fanged teeth walk up and lean on the bar,her black and purple dress flowing as she leaned back.She looked over to the men of the group.
"and who are these cute adventurers," She said as she put her hands on Matts shoulders.
"Anya, good morning these are some out of towners hunting someone down, have you ever heard of a Darius before?"
Anya thought for a second,"i don't think so. Let me ask Snek Snek," She started hissing and an albino snake slithered up from the back of her cloak and started hissing at each other. she looked over at sky and the team and continued her conversation. After the snake what back into her cloak she finally spoke up ,
" Snek says no but he also said to try Anyas Taurbeque, the Best of the Blacksteel Isles."
"Oi, Anya Stop tryna hack that stuff off to everyone. from behind asmall grey man hopped up onto a bar stool and banged on the table,"the usual pretty cook,"he said in what would pas for an Australian accent back in their world.
"You got it Werblund" and went into the back pantry.
"You'll have excuse snake lady there, shes a bit on the qwerky side.
Anya argued back," At least I can reach the table with out a stool little gnome man"
"Will you two stop bickerring its to much for this morning"A tall pale man dressed in all black hravy knight armor Walked down the stairs rubbing his head by his pointed ears, "i can barely stand you two fighting when i'm fully awake"
"He started up Kovacs," Anya pointed at Werblund
"I dont care who started it, ill finish it and have Trixa help,"
"Did someone mention killing," A little red-haired girl came down the steps
"aww is she your little girl?" Aaron asked
The girl walked up to her,
Im a full grown halfling just so you know and ill gladly end anyone that questions it," she said pulling her ax out
Kovacs grabbed Trixa and sat her at a table,
You'll have to forgive her she gets, bloodthirsty,after a long dry spell of jobs. we have 2 weeks before our aquiantence Werblund has a job."
"Where is Bird boy at" Anya Asked
"Feeding the lizard babies, i think. He should be down in a bit."
All of a sudden thry heard a BRAWK and thumping as a pile of feathers and robes rolled down the stairs.
"Those babies grabbed my cloak as i shut the door" the giant raven said standing up and grabbing hist staff.
all that Sky and the group could do was stare.
The bird looked up as he walked to the bar to order,
"What, never seen an aarakocra before?"
Kat was the first to snap out of the trance
"Oh, no its just, they are rar from where we come from."
the pretty cook came back from the pantry.
"ah, Pluck how are yah"
"could be better"
"I can tell," The cook said with a laugh
He looked at the outsiders and back at koavacs and the others.
"Hey I've got an idea. you guys need work for a couple of days , and they need help hunting down a warlock. Why dont you guys Hire this motley crew."
Werblund looked over at the new people," How much you willing to pay?"
The group did a quick count of gold and Matt, stood up," after we pay for a weeks stay here that leaves about 60 gold for each of you"
Werblund downed his stein.
"I'll help them as long as it doesn't interfere with our plan."
Werblund got up from the bar and walked up to Matt
We've got two days, after that we have to make a move to All Haven for a mission, is it a deal?"
Matt looked back at the rest of the group who all nodded
"Welp, we might as well head over to Shady Jeff,if anyone spotted anything unusual it be him."
Trixa pulled out her Ax," Finally a job."
Sky swore he saw black veins slight for on the small girls face then disappear.
"Alrighty then, We're off," Kovacs said.
Oh great another suicide mission pluck moaned sarcastically as the two teams walked out the door.

Google and James looked up from the map.
"Looks like theyre off to a good start" Google said.
"Yeah," Nick looked back at the map knowing the fate of both worlds laid in this Motley crew hands
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