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A sad love this story...please let me know what you think

Kate was wiping down the last couple of tables outside before her shift ended at the cafe. She had been living in London for nearly 6 months now. After saving up for what seemed like forever, she was finally able to reach her goals and dreams. She had always wanted to travel, and now she was living in her dream city enjoying a gap year overseas. But, being the sensible person, she decided to take on a casual job to keep busy and have a little extra money, just in case. It was a good to way to make some new friends too.

She loved everything about London. The charming houses and buildings, the people were friendly, the weather was surprisingly pleasant. All that was missing was love. Love and a family.

Kate was a pretty girl with energy and enthusiasm that would inspire anyone. She seemed like a perfect catch, yet she had always been unlucky in love. Every boy she met either wasn't ready for a relationship or was "too busy" for one.
Kate was eager to get home. She had, had enough for the day of seeing loved up couples everywhere she turned. It was valentine's day.
As Kate glanced at her watch something caught her eye. A cute boy, blonde hair and tanned. Toned, gorgeous arms. Kates weakness. She then realised who he was. Could it really be?

The boy Kate use to speak to every night fantasising about how one day they might meet. Matthew Hill his name was. They had come across each other one night discussing political issues in an online forum. They had ended up in quite a heated debate. But Matthew had noticed her photo and realised how beautiful she was and just knew he had to know more about this girl. Matthews cheekiness had caught Kates attention. She couldn't understand one minute they are having this heated discussion then the next he`s flirting with her?!

They had spoken for months, phone calls and messages every night. They spoke about everything. Mathew was a co-manager for a computer company and Kate was an assistant at a law firm. They both had a love for good food and adventure and the colour Royal blue!

Their bond was getting stronger and stronger every day. Kate had grown quite fond of him. So much so she began to fantasise about moving to London and starting a new life with him. She knew it sounded crazy, but the idea was so nice to think about.
One night she didn't hear from him. She didn't really think too much of it because he had mentioned he had a few deadlines that week for work and he would be rather busy. But One night turned into a week. He hadn't replied to any of Kates messages. She started to worry. One week turned into two. Kate didn't know what to think.

Three weeks later he contacted her saying he had met someone, but he hoped they could still be friends. Kate in her wild angriness told him to never contact her again. She was so upset for a week nonstop crying. But she decided to pull herself out of her misery and bury herself in her work and swore off men and dating all together. And that's exactly what she did. And that was that.
Until now, a year later she randomly sees him. What are the chances? "Kate!?" Matthew said to her. She beamed from ear to ear. Her heart racing. She couldn't believe it.

Although she would never really admit it to herself she had fantasied that this would happen. She had always wanted to visit London anyway but the thought of seeing Matthew may have been another small part of her inspiration to visit.
Matthew couldn't believe his eyes. Was it really Kate? The girl he let go of? The girl he had connected so well with, laughed with endlessly and just generally enjoyed her company. But he had let go for something easier. Something more convenient. A girl who wasn't the smartest but sure was pretty. A girl with a steady job and life in London. No hassle. Just easier.

Matthew took Kate to a small restaurant nearby. Hoping to get a table as it was valentines night after all. They were in luck. They talked and laughed for hours. Drinking terrible wine and eating delicious pasta. Starring into each other's eyes. His cute, charming accent had always made Kate blush. Mathew was quite the cheeky flirt which made Kate giddy and shy.
As Matthew explained Things hadn't worked out with the new girl he had met. Although she seemed nice and sweet at first, she turned out to be a little crazy with a few too many issues. He suspected she may have been cheating on him. Kate tried not to act smug, but she couldn't help it.

Matthew had deeply regretted letting Kate go. He had always adored her. Her intelligence, her quirkiness, her looks. Kate had bright blue eyes and stunning long dark hair. He was surprised she hadn't met anyone since. He had wanted to contact her but felt ashamed and felt maybe it would be selfish now. He knew he had hurt her, but some time had passed now, and he figured she had probably moved on.

They spent the night together that night. A magical night in Matthews charming little apartment. Fire blazing, hot chocolate and love that Kate hadn't felt in a very long time. Kate felt incredibly at home with him. She wished the night would never end.
It wasn't long until the sun was rising. Matthew had to get to the office but offered to drive Kate home. Talking and laughing, holding hands on the drive home. He had given her a jacket of his as it had gotten rather chilly. It smelled like him. She decided she would be keeping it. In that moment everything just felt perfect.

Matthew dropped Kate off at her front door. Can we have dinner tonight again? At mine? There was almost a shyness in his voice. She nodded, smiled and kissed him goodbye. She got out of the car and watched him drive away. Suddenly in those few moments everything would change.

As Kate turned to go inside she heard a loud bang, a scream, a horn. Chaos. She heard chaos. Her stomach sank. Her hands trembling. She ran up the drive way, turning onto the street. Running up the street she could see. She could see Matthews car. She suddenly stopped. Frozen.

Matthew was driving through the intersection as a car came speeding through and hit Matthews car on the driver's side.
Despite the paramedic's efforts Matthew died at the scene.

For the next two days Kate sat in bed in shock. Replaying those moments repeatedly. Did it really happen? Was this all an awful dream she was going to wake from soon? That night was so perfect. One night. All they had was one night.
Kate informed her work and her housemates that she would be leaving. She just wanted to be home with her family. Away from the heartache. Away from the beautiful and horrendous memories she now had of London.

3 weeks later Kate was home safe and sound. She was happy to see her friends and family. She was staying with her mum and sister until she got herself sorted out. She just wanted to move on with life. Get back into the swing of things. She joined a yoga class with her sister. It was good to see her she didn't realise until then, but she had really missed her. And spending the mornings drinking cups of coffee with her mum. Her mum hugged her tightly telling her the pain will never completely go dear, but it will soften. She hugged her mum back even tighter and smiled, trying to hold back the tears. Although she still felt so lost. She believed the stress and sadness was making her ill. She had been sick the last 3 days.

A couple days later it dawned on her. She was late wasn't she. Panic struck her. She ran to the pharmacy buying any and every test she could see. Could this really be happening? What would she do?
Yes, it could, and it happened.

They were positive. All of them. All positive. Kates eyes filled with tears. Not a sadness however but more a sweet bitter moment. The panic and stress suddenly vanished. She was surprised at her own feelings, but she just felt at ease. She had always wanted a baby and she had wanted Matthew so much. She would always have a part of him now.

9 months later a beautiful little Matthew rested in her arms wrapped in a royal blue blanket. So peaceful. A valentine joy she whispered eyes filled with tears again, her heart fluttering. She could feel him nearby. She couldn't explain it, but she just knew he was there with her.

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