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a poem about my mansion
My heart is an empty mansion.
Without warning, it became a ghost town.
Expecting to be completed, it crumbles down even more.
With every heartbreak, a piece of my mansion is lost.

My chest heats up, as I feel part of my mansion dissolving.
Soon enough, breathing hurts my lungs.
The guardians of my mansion hope to fall down too,
As they have nothing left to protect.

I lay in bed, hoping it all stops.
I feel my mansion fall to the ground,
When he texts me,
“I don’t love you anymore.”

My eyes start to fill up with rain.
The rain that will soon hit the place that was my mansion.
As it starts to flood,
The world around me, disappears.

The rain stops.
My love, dissolved.
My feelings, vanished.
My mansion, gone.
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