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A secret about pealing bananas that you may not have known.
         A banana is an edible fruit, and in some parts of the world bananas that are used in cooking are called plantains. There is no sharp distinction between bananas and plantains, and the banana plant is the largest herbaceous flowering plant in all of the world. Bananas are used in a wide variety of different types of food. There are banana split sundaes, banana cream pies, banana pudding, fried honey bananas, and banana bread. You can slice up bananas to put on top of your morning bowl of cereal or just peel them and eat them whole. The list of what you can do with a golden banana goes on forever just like the Energizer bunny rabbit does in the commercials. A term which I've really come to enjoy saying here at the Hub Pages.

         Going bananas as a term or saying can mean that you are going mildly crazy, or that you are beginning to become emotional or angry. However there is another reason I decided to write this hub about bananas, and that is did you know that throughout all of your life that you have most likely been peeling your banana the wrong way. That's correct a group of researchers have discovered the proper way to peel open a banana, because after all of these years we've been doing it all wrong. That's right we've been peeling our bananas all wrong! Can you believe it? I really wonder who pays these researchers to do these studies. Whoever it is must simply have a bunch of money sitting around that they don't have anything better to do with.

         Like me you are probably very surprised to suddenly hear that you are peeling your bananas the wrong way. Most folks peel their bananas starting from the side with the stem, however this has been determined to be the wrong way to peel open a banana. The best way is to peel open a banana is to start from the other side of the banana.

         Since you've most likely been peeling your bananas the wrong way all of your whole life, it's really an easy fix to correct. So do as the Pros do or simply as monkeys do, and your life in the kitchen will be so much easier according to these researchers.

         Monkeys seem to open their bananas at the other end, and not from the stemmed end as many of us are doing. The monkey makes a little incision in the tip of the banana and splits the skin open. Researchers say that this method is less likely to bruise the banana, and that the stalk also acts as a holder for your banana, which allows you to easily eat all the way to the end of the flesh of the banana.

         You simply begin this method by grabbing the opposite end of the banana without the stem between your index finger and your thumb. You then pinch until the end splits in half,and pull apart the banana peel apart using both hands. Who knew that this is how life was intended for you to enjoy a banana. However I really think that I'm going to simply keep peeling my banana from the end with the stem like I've been doing forever. I realize that this is the wrong way and that it might be madness, but it will really make my life a whole lot simpler.

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