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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Drama · #2176464
Questions arise when it seems that the power to alter reality exists.
(This is the 2nd part of an ongoing, weekly series.)

Our hero puffs up his chest, coc- uh, raises one of his infamous eyebrows and lets loose with,
“Klaatu Barada nNNIISHSSrrrhrrr.”
Yup. He does.
He uses the classic: ‘sneeze at the end of a sentence to see if he can get away with not knowing a word’ technique. At a time when careful wording meant everything, he was careless. It would be a struggle to trick most kindergarteners with such a simple playground tactic. Yet, in his mind, it seemed like it would be fit to try on an ancient evil. Everything of course goes horribly wrong, as magical books, devices or items are not easily tricked by grade school playground tactics.
Were one to peer inside of the 1st floor, living room window of a peculiar, seemingly frowning, split level home, one would soon find a similar situation playing out. 
A frankly boring, young...ish, panic stricken (More on that later) gentleman finds himself in possession of a potentially world altering power. This is a concept that is as familiar to this world as the concept of the corrupt politician. Mind you the concept is familiar but for this to be manifested in reality? That’s something wholly unique to this world and its inhabitants.
Up until this singular moment in time, scholars and historians would be correct to describe the Earth as “bereft of individuals with world altering, magical powers” or “supernaturally starved” just the same way that your world is.
Despite never having a supernatural, reality shaping individual in their midst, the previously alluded to conceptual groundwork is a tapestry of mud soaked boot prints, all belonging to innumerable ‘would-be’, ‘has-been’ and ‘never-was’ entertainers.
Even millions of metaphorical heel to toe outlines belie the evidence that this is far from a literary road less traveled.
Perhaps that makes a great deal of sense. How many people would find themselves disappointed by the prospect of fulfilling their greatest desires?
Very few I’d imagine.
Imagine it for yourself! Unlimited wealth, fame, superpowers, omnipotence, omniscience, or better yet, get massive mounds of ice cream, covered in hot fudge, that rain from the sky!
Oh, what you could do with such power!
Blessed with such a power, you could solve the world’s greatest problems, save its most needy people, answer its most unanswerable questions and conquer its most perplexing challenges. You could be the hero you always dreamed of being, bringing true peace to mankind. Maybe, just maybe, you may even be lucky enough to discover that what you really needed…was right beside you all along (Aww.)
Then there are those of us who look beside ourselves and find all we have is disappointment. Perhaps you might be someone who just looked to the left and saw a barren wall, looked to the right to see another.
What you needed was right beside you all along? Ha! Yea, right!
Definitely not seeing anything you need right now are you?

Then again, imagine yourself suddenly surrounded by millions of adoring fans all screaming at you, grabbing you, touching you. Wild flashes of camera light make it nearly impossible to keep your head up as you attempt to simply walk to your car. Your anxiety heightens and a bead of sweat trickles its way down your cheek. Oh God, no. 
Your gaze continues to remains transfixed on the pavement and you robotically place your hand on your cheek to wipe away the sign of weakness.
At least you try to but in the sea of hands, one decides to clamp down on yours. The grip is gentle, likely an excited teen girl but it’s just tight enough to prevent you from reaching the salty sign of discomfort. 
Worry, worry always worrying.
A wave of thoughts begin to crash into one another, turning your mind into a confused mess. Tripping, sweating, falling, turning pale. Too many eyes, too many hands. I Have to leave, please leave me alone. Your hand is finally allowed to return to you and you use it immediately to cover the source of your worry.
Sweating. Worry about how you might be portrayed in the gossip rags.
Tripping. Is she strung up on drugs again?
Pale. The tagline screams: Gaunt, emaciated, is she truly over her eating disorder? Read the shocking discovery inside!
Who would have imagined how difficult it would be to become a household name! If only you had a quiet, silent place. If only there was just an empty room, disconnected from all the yelling and screaming. If only there were just a place where you could unwind and be alone. With some alone, you could wait for the storm to blow over, wait for the violent, swirling sea of thoughts to go quiet and still once more.
Suddenly, it becomes true that what you needed really was there all along! All you needed was that empty room, that quiet space and the freedom to walk, unmolested to your own car.
Perspective is a funny thing.
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