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by vava
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when Olivia was out of town on spring break.she ends up stuck somewhere but shes not alone
Olivia wakes up to her alarm going off as she struggles to turn off the loud but yet sweet melodies of the music off the radio. She looks towards her window and notices the sun is shimmering brightly thought her dark shaded blinds.Olivia gets up out of bed and she smells her mom cooking something sweet but yet not sweet at the same time.Olivia walks to her bedroom door and the smell gets stronger.She walks down stairs in a rush to see what her mom is making this morning.Olivia walks into the kitchen and grabs a mug out of a glass cabinet and as she starts to walk over to the coffee maker her mom say's"good morning sweet girl how did you sleep last night?"Olivia replied back to her mom by saying"i slept good just had some weird dream thats it."Her mother turns around looking puzzled and says"what did you dream about was it something bad?"Olivia paused in her tracks and said "well kind of bad all i remember is that i walk running though trees and the woman and man where running after me i never seen these people but i felt like i had already met them before but it was just a dream nothing to worry about."Olivia's mom stands there still puzzled"are you sure you still want to go on this spring break trip with Jose,Hannah,and David that dream might be a warning i just don't want anything bad to happen to you."say's Olivia's mom.Olivia stares at her mom wondering "why she is so worried its just a spring break trip i'am not going to get hurt?" Little did she know that just a spring break trip will change her for a long time

That same night Olivia wakes up and is sweating bullets.She pulls the blankets off of her as she turns her head to look at the clock it say's 3:15 am she puts her head back on her beds pillows.She thinks about what she just dreamed about its was the same place as her first dream that she told her mom but this one was different.This time she was running again but when she looked behind herself there was no one and so she stopped running.When she turned back around she saw Jose standing there telling her to follow him so she did.Though the trees they went under broken branches hanging on by a little bit.He takes her to this old house and tells her " don't ever go here no matter.what do you understand?"Olivia asked"why whats so bad about this place?"Then she walks closer to the old house Jose grabs her wrist and says aggressively"look just listen to me please do go near or in this house it's not safe i care about you to..."They hear a loud bang as they look at the house the door begins to open slowly with a creaking noise.then this older man comes out saying" wheres my daughter!"they start to run and then Olivia turns around don't see Jose so she stops and look around for him but when she turns around she see's him tied to a tree with the old man next too him with a knife he stabs Jose.Thats when she woke up was her mother right should she not go to the trip but what if they are in danger and they need her.

Olivia wke up again but not from a nightmare.She woke up ready for the trip but yet still not.Olivia pulled her blankets off of herself as she sweeped her right leg to get out of bed.she looks at her blinds but she could tell something was different about them she just didn't know what it was.
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