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A story about a young woman getting a star Angel for Christmas
It was the beginning of December and Holly needed to go out to get some Christmas decorations she had not done anything

for the holiday`s yet. The last couple of times she had not been in the mood for anything she had simply lost her Christmas spirit

of things. Oh she knew that Christmas was near; just around the corner, with the many sights and sounds and different smells of

the holiday season. She had to get her Christmas spirit back it was something Holly knew she lacked a lot. Holly knew that the

Christmas spirit had to come from within. The way Holly saw it was she had lost her Christmas spirit along time ago and also her

heart. She had never been the same since Brad had broken her heart that Christmas a year ago, since then she dodged every

man that came in sight of her.

It was another reason she had not gone out Holly did not want to run into anyone, especially a man she wanted to be a recluse.

Then it had been months since she had been anywhere there was no delivery service to bring Christmas to her, so she had to go

out and bring Christmas to her place. For she had to bite the bullet, take the plunge and go for it step outside of her place and put

one foot in front of the other. When Holly stepped out it had begun to snow it was so beautiful with the fallen snow, it was the middle

of the afternoon. She was going to take a good couple of hours to do this and later go for a hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream

and candy can sprinkles on top.

The store was packed as predicted but Holly did not mind, usually she did not like it when the place was filled with too many

people. This time she did not seem to mind she was strolling along the mall when she came across the store it was called The

Heart store. It was the first time she had been in the store and was intrigued she went instantly to the Christmas section she had

found some ornaments and decorations for the tree. Then all Holly needed was to find a top for the tree, when she looked at the

time it said 2 o`clock, already an hour had gone by. My the time goes fast when your out and about she mused to herself she was

wondering what she was going to use for the top of the tree.

When she saw the Angel amongst the decorations that was the one! She was going to be taking the angel home with her it

was unique and she was holding a gold star that lit up. Now she was all set for the Christmas tree it was time to go and have a

hot chocolate and something to eat. All the walking around and shopping had made her hungry she also needed a rest her feet

where sore, but she had enjoyed herself immensely. She went to pay for her purchases, smiled at the clerk, also made small talk

and was off to go and have her hot chocolate.

Holly was walking along in her own little world, admiring the shops when she heard her name being called she turned behind

her was a man holding an object it looked like her Angel. She stood frozen, unable to move from her spot it appeared the young

man was fast approaching she had to stay put. All of her senses made her want to bolt the other way and not look back, but it

seemed like seconds when the young man with the striking blue eyes was standing right in front of her. Holly just stood there she

thought she had the Angel in her bag, but it had been an oversight on her part.

``Miss I think this belongs to you, you left it on the counter.`` Holly tried to remain composed and calm she did not want to freak

out on this man. She also did not want to let her anxiety get the better of her, because she did not want to weaken in front of the


``Yes, it does, my Angel. Thank you!`` The young man came closer and Holly saw that he was a handsome man with those

striking blue eyes that seemed to look right through her soul. Holly took the Angel from the man she would have missed the Angel

for sure. All she wanted to do was bold and run but it was like her feet where frozen to the spot and she could not move. That was

odd Holly mused to herself.

``Thank you, so nice of you.`` The young man, Holly noted was quite tall she had to look up to him, since she was short herself,

wondering what it was that made him so tall.

``No problem.`` The young man turned away Holly went to say something to him and he was gone like he had vanished into

thin air. Her arms felt like she had prickly goose bumps all over them she had just been saved by an angel. It was not just the Angel

for the tree, but a real live one. Then Holly thought she must be stressed out, making her mind think things she normally would


She was not ready to go home yet she was still wanting her hot chocolate it was like her stomach and her feet had a

mind of her own. She would go to the Starbucks and see what sort of soup they had for the day, a break would do her good.

Which was what she did, order the hot chocolate with the candy cane whipped topping, there went her diet. out the window.

Then it was Christmas she could splurge a little she was taking a sip of her hot chocolate when she saw the same guy at the

counter that had handed her Angel back. Holly wanted to thank him personally and offer to buy him a hot chocolate, maybe he

was real after all and not an Angel. Her mind was definitely playing tricks on her, and with the holiday`s anything was hopeful and

magical. Holly believed in the magic of Christmas she saw the tall young man was watching her with amusement, it irritated her

so much she turned the other way. She went to look back at the counter and the young man was still there he winked and smiled

at her. She was going to tell him off and stop following her, flirting with her, whatever, because it was creeping her out, Holly had

no interest at all.

It made Holly blush a bright pink he was coming towards her all she could do was sit still and not do anything she was ready

to call 911 on her cell. She was really loosing her marbles, Holly held her bag closer to her the Angel was in there, and he was not

going to get it. Maybe he was coming back for the Angel, she was going to put up a fight, because the Angel was hers. Holly would

scream and make a big scene if he bothered her, and now he was standing right in front of her, waiting to be invited. When Holly

found herself inviting him to sit down it was like her mouth had a mind of its own. He accepted by giving her one of his award winning

smiles which made Holly melt like the snow on a hot sunny day.

Holly took a sip of her hot chocolate as a means of distracting herself when she noted he was still watching her with those

gorgeous eyes. He saw her clutching the Angel like it was her only hope of anything he smiled and Holly wondered what was so

amusing. The Angel seemed to bring her solace when she clutched her closer it gave her peace and protection, right now she

needed lots of that.

``I thought you did not like Angels.`` The young man said to her in a deep monotone voice that spoke like he was more older

then he actually was.

``I love Angels, they are my thing.`` Holly sipped on her hot chocolate she did not want to look directly in the young mans eyes.

Holly wanted to ask him what he wanted of her, but the words would not come out of her mouth, and when he spoke it was like he

knew precisely what she was thinking.

``My name is Jordan Jones you can call be J.J. for short everybody does its more better that way. Holly looked at him in wonder,

Jordan was her favorite male name, somehow she felt comfortable and at ease around him.

``My name is Holly Barry.`` She saw Jordan smile hoping that he would not make fun of her name she had that all her life,

because she had been born around Christmas time. Her parent`s had wanted Holly and their last names where Barry she would

die if he was critical of her name.

``Yes I know.`` There was an awkward silence, Holly was waiting for him to tease her instead he complimented on her name.

``I think your name is lovely, sweet like a berry itself.`` Holly gushed at the compliment he had given her and a certain sort of

kindred spirit bonded with them. They both laughed, Jordan liked her laugh it was music to his ears he knew that all her life she

had been treated different so had he. They where two different souls that met and bonded together by a common coincident of

the Angel Star.

``Thank you, I don`t usually get out much.`` Holly really liked the place and wanted to come here again it would be the first,

a start she would get out more. The next time she would be more better with things, Holly noted when she had the Angel closer

to her she felt more confident, controlled in her emotions. Which was another reason for the Angel to be a keeper she needed

to have security. Which was something she had been lacking in herself, she also felt her sense of holiday spirit coming back,

and the song on the radio played. ``Winter Wonderland`` her favorite Christmas song. It brought her spirits back up she felt

elated as she took in the sights and sounds all around.

```You don`t have to explain, its really nice here.`` Jordan was making small talk Holly sensed it right away she enjoyed his

company and did not want to leave right away. She held the Angel closer to her, to protect her, but it seemed the Angel had a

plan of her own. She was a star Angel in her own right, because she was running the show by bringing her and Jordan together,

and Holly had a feeling that this was going to be more then a one time thing.

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