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Concrete Poetry
my blood
a legend
shed for all
born of the
man on earth?
utensil Joseph
the question all ask
used to catch blood
is how much of what is
at the Christ crucifixion
written is true and fiction
truth or fairy tale we ask
may it be relevant or not so
but not in the days of honor
it should be what you believe
that meant more to men than
perhaps it’s not so much who
any possession even their life
and would be more like what
more than one author would
or is it a contemporary ideal
pen the story of a supposed
forcing society that must be
deed or a quest undertaken
a man instead of a way of life
by knights of that round table
could two people agree that our
then red armored Galahad was
interactions are better when civility
foretold he would see the holy grail
at the forefront and not behind us all
he alone had purity of heart to draw
is it that we need a man from history
a sword from stone and from monks
to show us a way from the edge
hold the shield for the worthiest
what you believe is good by me
he was sent to rescue maidens
as long as i don’t have to do it too
imprisoned wrongly in their castle
i want to be able to talk with you
yet he would search on in quest
with no judgement or anger at all
after seeing the vision of the grail
our agreement has to be only to
prison would not stop him either
love one another as he said to
such dedication needs reward
love each other and i like that
in legend it is given the knight
is it really that hard is it to care?
the saints and angels show him
your fellow man is all around you!
as he is a servant of Jesus Christ
believe the savior and be one too
true or not one must certainly see
you never can tell if they might
the complete and utter resolve
just save you as well
to fulfill all you really
so listen


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