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Ever had a dream so crazy you had to share it? Yeah, me too.
Prompt: SugarCubes Weekly Random Contests
Word Count: 400

Dear Journal,

I was laying in my bed, staring at the ceiling last night. My mind was so blank I was unable to sleep. So I tried out counting blessings. 1. Well I am breathing, grateful for that. 2. I ate VERY well today. Well, I may have been a bit of a glutton. Curse my lack of self-control when it comes to junk food. 3. Thank you for, ummm, raiiiiiiiinbo-zzzzzzzzzzz.

When I woke up in dream land I was sitting in a room with floor to cieling windows as the wall facing the streets. I was sitting at the desk with two other women, while a room full of sleeping children laid on blue mats. It was nearly midnight, black in and outside of the room. Well besides the flashing lights coming from outside the window, every time we heard a loud thundering boom. Suddenly, a group of men dressed in all black SWAT style attire carrying guns stop right smack dab in front of our window and began shooting at the seemingly random people seeking shelter. We were flabbergasted when the victim’s bodies began to melt when shot with the acid guns. The group of men began shooting the windows. We hurriedly guided the already waking and terrified children to the door and into the hallway.

As we ran out of the room we saw a man motioning for us to follow him through a dark hallway. The children ran behind him without hesitation when they heard the quickening footsteps. The hallway led to an underground bunker. The owner of the building apparently attained information of a "cleansing plan" that Donald Trump was to execute upon his presidential inauguration.

We were pulled into the bunker just before the thick steel door was slammed shut. I looked around the brightly lit area and realized I was literally locked into a giant dirt hole. Yes, the ceiling was dirt, the floor was dirt, and even the walls were dirt, except for the wall holding in the door connecting us to the building. Then, the door began melting as acid was fired rapidly. I held my breath and scrunched my eyes closed tight. I woke up in sweat drenched clothes, with all my blankets and pillows on the floor.

Journal, I don’t think I should watch the news or read political posts, and satire articles on my timeline before bed anymore.
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