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love letter from my ex
Dear Bella/ Boo Bear,

I'm so sorry for what I did I there's a big part of me that regrets doing what I did but I know if we go back it's just going to end with one of s getting hurt, and I don't ever want that because I've already hurt you too many times. I've gotten told by some people to move on but you left such a big mark on my heart there's no way I'm going to be able to do that. I hope that one day we come back to each other and when that day comes I'll open the box with you. I need you to know that I love you. I still do, and I'm not going to stop for a long time. I'm sorry I thought you were losing interest I wish I could go back and talk to you about that but I can't. I need you, Bella, I need you so much there's so much that I can only do with you, and if I did it with someone else, it wouldn't feel right. To me you'll always be my boo bear and even when you tell me to stop thinking it I won't because ever since January we haven't been that same we've been stronger and everyday sense 09.16.16 I remind tell myself that the only girl I love is Bela Smith and that's not going to change. We've made it through hella and back, and I never want to do that with anyone else, but you-you made it seem like anything was possible you had my back when no one else did you believed me when I never believed in myself. I love you, Bella, I love everything about you. The last reason I never got to tell you for why I love you is that even when life gets down you keep fighting and you never gave up. I need you to make the smartest choices and keep saying no to the things you don't want. I need you to continue that I need you to be the strongest women I know I need you to follow your heart and make the right choices I need you to go for the person you love and don't stop fighting for them till you get them because it's never too late. I need one more boo bear promise, and that's never to stop fighting and remember that you're never alone you always have people that love you right by your side. I hope that we have all of those dreams come true because I'm not going to be giving up on them. You're all I need, and I'm so sorry. I know I shouldn't say this, but I love you.

Love you
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