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This is a story about a lonely, lonely man. His only friend was the Internet.
         There once lived a man in a lonely house, on a lonely street, where no one came to bother him. This man would wake up every day and do the same old lonely routine: he would shower, dress in his favorite clothes, make breakfast, eat it all by himself, and then start working. What the man worked on was nothing important, but the man liked it because it made him feel less alone. He would work on a little thing called the Internet where all of his friends lived. The man liked his friends. His favorite friend was someone who called themselves @catlover1324. @catlover1324 would always show pictures of their cat and it would make the man smile, sometimes even laugh. The man knew very little of @catlover1324, but he did know that they had a big family of cats and they were never alone. This would bring great joy to the man.
         One day, the man said to @catlover1324, “Do you ever feel lone?”
         @catlover1324 replied and said, “No. My cats keep me company and that’s all I need to be happy.”
         “Oh,” The man replied. “Maybe I should get a cat. I feel quite lonely in my house all the time.”
         “I’m sorry, I have to go,” @catlover1324 responded. “Goodbye.”
         And once again, the man was alone. He didn’t just feel alone, though, he felt sad. Sad for himself. He wished to have someone to share his large house with, and some one to eat breakfast with in the morning. That would make the man very happy. The man turned off his computer and went upstairs to bed. He lay there for hours until he finally fell asleep. The man woke up a couple hours later, and the feeling of loneliness was even greater. The man started to cry, and he cried until morning.
         When the man was done crying, he got up and went into the bathroom. The man showered, but instead of dressing in his favorite clothes, he decided to wear some more fancy clothes. They felt tight and made the man uncomfortable, but he thought he looked good. The man then went downstairs and skipped breakfast. Instead, the man went outside onto the lonely street. He looked up and down both sides of the street and found no one else. In most cases, he would have began to feel lonely and wished to return back to the Internet, but not today. Today the man was feeling good. The man began to walk, and he was not going to stop until he found someone else.
         The man walked. Walked, and walked, and walked. On his walk, the man passed all sorts of neat things he had only seen on the Internet like trees with different colored leaves and cracks in the road, he even saw a couple red birds flying together. The birds made the man very happy.
         The man continued to walk; he walked through sun, he walked through rain, he even walked through snow, but he kept walking. No matter how cold it got outside the man’s warm spirt kept him going.
         During the man’s walk, he began to feel scared. Scared that he wasn’t going to find anyone else. Maybe some people were destined to be lonely their entire life, the man thought to himself as he walked past a squirrel climbing up a tree after another squirrel. The man stopped in the middle of the road and hesitated. As much as he wanted to try and find someone else, he thought about the Internet. The Internet was where all his friends were. The man thought about @catlover1324 and how much he missed them. The man turned around and started to walk back the way he came. With each step he began to feel more and more lonely. So lonely in fact that he started crying again. The man sat down in the middle of the cracked road and cried. He cried for a long time and it took a couple days for the man to eventually stop crying. While the man cried, he thought to himself, even the moon has the sun to dance with. That’s what made the man stand up and turn back around. The man once again started walking in search of someone.
The man walked, and walked, and walked. He walked so much he thought he was going to walk himself off the side of the world. But that didn’t matter to the man. The man walked with his head down, embracing all the elements of the world around him. When it was cold, the man was shivering. When it rained, the man got wet. When it was hot, the man started to sweat.
         Early one morning, just as the sun started to fill the world with light, the man spotted a house. The house was tall and pink, and looked pretty. There was even a white fence around the house. The man was filled with an immense feeling of joy at the sight of the house and he started to feel happy again. It had been a long time since he felt happy. The man walked towards the house, opened up the little gate in the fence, walked to the front door, and knocked. The three little knocks on the door were loud in the empty world, but they made the man feel hopeful. The man heard someone move inside the house and a few seconds later the door opened. Inside the doorway stood a woman. The woman was short with green eyes and remarkably pretty. The man thought she was the prettiest woman he had ever seen. The woman smiled at the man, and the man smiled back at the woman. The man felt something brush against his leg and he looked down to see two cats he recognized from the Internet rubbing against his leg. This warmed the heart of the man.
         The woman looked at the man and smiled before asking him a single question: “Are you still lonely?” The man shook his head, knowing that his days of loneliness were over. The woman then stepped aside to allow the man inside. “I just made breakfast, if you would care to join me?”
         The man smiled before stepping into @catlover1324’s house.
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