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Threw her hands up and said, ' I can't do this anymore.' and shed a single tear.
Her silence was enough,
she need not say a word anymore.
Everything she's ever said is now unspoken; the pain in her heart the walls that she's built brick by brick is for her heart and spirits own protection.
She sheds only a single tear,
She's been hurt to many times by to many.
So, if you do see her the answers one may seek will be behind her hazel eyes.
The one that seeks to understand her will then understand that's not a look of fear or hopelessness at all;
it's the look of a warrior who isn't giving up like one would think but it's when you see her pain behind her hazel eyes that is when the world will see her real accomplishment as painful as it may seem in that very first moment of when one sees the look of determination in her; that she's not giving up on herself;
she's giving up and letting go of the many people she once trusted, or tried to trust at one time, they caused unmeasurable pain in her heart;
in the very beginning and then they were gone. So, let go of those who have already gone.
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