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by cobba
Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2176672
this is a war series with the power of magic that fallows rebell scar and lost king jagger
My name is Scar, an alien from micralien I, like many of my people have lived under the oppressive rule of the spirit king, a guardian that rules over the the spiritual land, and in our dimension this is the planet that he is contained in, a few years ago Krain storm a geanaton wich is a dark blue skin colored human with a long rectangular piece of skin on the back of their heads, he made a deal with our planet and he helps supply our food, comfort,safety, exc. but he also made a secret lab were the best tech wizzes of our planet worked (including me) I was above them all, and I had my own supercomputer and a highly advanced flash drive that stores all of my important data, but one day I took a different flashed drive and learned the truth about one of the only trusted geanaton known as Krain.

Jagger, the king of the Shedorions looked among his proud kingdom, a large hollow mountain was just one of thousands that his species had taken for survival, lit up by giant crystals of orange, purple, and bright blue forged from the great mountains. He walked past dozens of citizens as the sun rose from the pillar mountains and casts a shadow over their home.

As Jagger walked into the door,Kaitlyn awaited for his arrival, she ran right into his arms,”It's been too long since I’ve seen your beautiful face my dear” Jagger said ,
“It’s been 2 hours” said Kaitlyn.
”exactly my point” jagger said laughing. Jaggers body is made up of dark blue crystals while Kaitlyn has purple gems, they stepped onto a beautiful polished stone balcony, as they look among their proud empire.

Then terror rain, a large black portel with a dark purple outline came out of nowhere covering the sun, a ship larger than anything Jagger has ever seen in his lifetime slowly exited the portal, it was armored with hundreds of heavy cannons and ion dampeners. It were followed by enough ships to create a blanket over the sky, they were made out of silver, sleek, and protected armor, they land onto the ground and started to take over their planet, Jagger was forced to get his army ready and leave Kaitlyn
”Go! They need you” said Kaitlyn
“I will come back to you, I promise” said Jagger obviously worried about her. He ran toward an underground bunker with thousands of soldiers awaited his arrival.

“This fight will be tough, we don’t know what we’re up against, and I don’t know what will happen, but we have been training for this day for years, we have skill, tactics, and our land, now charge”Jagger said as he pressed a button opening a gate to the insane battle happening in front of them, they took their stun blades, vibrating at a bright green, they charged into the battle, they wore no armor but they had a shedorion native magic that gave them thicker, rock looking skin and the ability to summon a magic made shield at will. “Charge the escape shuttles, we won’t know what will happen after this.” Jagger said completely fearless
“ yes sir” said the soldier, his voice was strict and emotionless. Jagger then charged into the battlefield with his stun blade by his side he uppercuts one soldier with his fist and then did a 360 degree spin and attacked the soldier with his stun blade during the spin. Jagger was then attacked by an LC-96 rotating lightning gun, Jagger then activated a bright green transparent shield flouting completely still on jaggers arm blocking the blast while he slowly walks towards him. Jagger then throws his arm at him allowing his shield to hit him in the head causing him to barle forward. But as he was being propelled he let go of an armed bomb which knocked him out.

He then awoke, Jagger was only able to tell that he was in a large cold box until he thought of one thing… Kaitlyn. Jagger then immediately got up and looked around hastily as everyone looked at the kings sudden awakening, the box was a transport shuttle, they were planning to evacuate. But Jagger hadn’t noticed it and ran towards the closing doors that allowed you to see the guards take Kaitlyn from the house”Kaitlyn!” Jagger screamed on the top of his lungs as the guards took her away, he was trying to get out there but his guards were hold him down. Before the doors closed an explosion blocked his view of what happened next”No!” Jagger screamed louder and more sorrowful than before. He then pushed his guards away simultaneously and ran to the door. But instead of escaping the doors shut in front of him. He kept smashing the doors until he broke into sorrow.

“ time to get to work” Scar said as he walked into the bright white rectangular office. He turned on the lights revealing a large supercomputer on a television desk. Scar opened one of the drawers revealing two flash drives, Scar picks one up and heads to a smaller computer and puts the flash drive into the computer. But when he put it in the computer said” Welcome Krain” Scar then put in a puzzled look, however he continued. “This is the last page you were on before you left master Krain”. The computer said, The computer had several different folders and every single one of them was unnamed except for one, which was labeled “plan s” Scar clicked on it and it revealed diagrams of warships and weaponry that Scar has never thought was a possibility. Scar was both amazed but also in fear, Scar decided to grab the two flash drives and left into a sleek, lightweight chromium x armored vessel, it had a rectangular body with an extended slanted cockpit. When Scar escapes the 20 mile radius scanners he blew sigh of relief, but just then stars started to disappear from view with a large dark purple outline started to form, a ship came out slowly and started shooting on the one ship. Scars ship got scraped on the side on the first shot so he decided to head to the bottom, but after five minutes the first ship appeared, It was a small brown ship, it was hard to identify the shape because it was covered in triangular spikes built to ram into things. The ship almost ran right into Scar but just in the nick of time he turned so the belly of the ship was facing the left as the enemy ship ran right past him. But after the fifteenth ship got deployed into battle Scar knew this ship was not going to handle it. Still on the bottom of the ship he tried desperately to block their attacks but about the fifth ship struck and it scraped the top of his ship he then placed his hand on a pad and the ship disappeared from view when in reality the ship was taken into the spirit realm, an ability only Scars species can do. He then pushed a button and the bottom portion of the ship opened up revealing a laser it created a beam that imploded revealing a bright blue portal wich he used to teleport to a H.U.B (Homing Universal Base).

isnt done just wanted to post something
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