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by Rach
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2176729
Logan Felix Clarice and April are all Time Jumpers and they must help fix the future.
Time Chapter One
"Logan Wolf opened his eyes and he was in a Boxroom. Then he found April Sweetwater sitting on the floor hands on her knees."

Logan:Um..Who are you?
April:Oh your up I'm glad.
Logan:Um do you know where we are?
April:A Boxroom.
Logan:A what room?
April:A Boxroom..Its something I've sort of faced before.
Logan:You've been here before?
April:Well not here...Uh...Somewhere else.
Logan:Oh I see.

"In the next sound proof Boxroom next to Logan and April."
"Felix Conquer was speaking fast gibberish then Clarice grabbed his shoulders."

Clarice:Listen you crazy,I told you our situation already.
Felix:You also said that you've faced this before.
Clarice:And I think you said your a cop?
Felix:Y-Yeah I'm a cop with my half brother Logan I hope he's not here to.
Clarice:He probably is.

"Felix banged on the door then shouted."

Felix:Hey open up!
Clarice:Give it up handsome,I've tried that nobody can hear us scream.
Felix:How do you know?
Clarice:I told you,I done this time before.

"He raised his eyebrow. She did say Felix when he first stood up. How did she guess his name."
"He didn't know,But what if Logan was here? What if he was closer than he thinks?"
"Suddenly the lid opened up and Logan gasped then he looked at April."

Logan:Oh good okay you can step on my hands and I'll let you up.

"April stepped on his hands and then lifted up for her through the hatch opening. Felix just watched Clarice jump up and grabbing the outside and pulls herself up."

Felix:Show off.

"Logan and Felix jumped up and grabs the out of the hatch and pulls up. April watched,Clarice jumped down. Logan and Felix gasps."

Logan,Felix:Your here? What happened?
Felix:Well it's fuzzy but I feel like I got snatched.
Logan:Me to.
Clarice:It appears that you had got possibly gased,Or just snatched.
April:Do you remember anybody you saw?

"Logan and Felix looked eye to eye they tried to think. Clarice and April looked at their own eyes."
"They raised their eyebrows. Then shrugged. Logan and Felix was confused. And they heard two more hatches open Dane pulled Mani out. And Evan held a still collapsed Ann."

Logan:Who are you four?
Dane:Oh I'm Dane Dawson and my financ'ee Mani Milton.
Evan:And I'm Evan Ison with my girlfriend Ann Setinny.
April:Is she okay?
Evan:Um she hasn't woken up yet.
Logan:Woken up?
Evan:She and I got gased at the park at Pheonix State.
Mani:Oh dear.

"Ann nuzzled his chest. Then she opened her eyes slowly. And got her surroundings."

Evan:You okay to stand Ann?
Ann:I think.

"Evan put Ann on her feet,And she was wobbly at first then she stood holding his bicep. The eight of them stood at a door then opened it."
"It was a rec,And bar room and everyone was surprised. They all looked through everything. And many questions was asked."

Evan:This is one room we've explored.
Ann:Yeah and we still don't know anything about this place or us.
Mani:You said you two are cops?
Felix:On most days...
Logan:Our jobs actually.
Dane:Ah so you have your guns for protection?
Logan:Oh uh no I think the one that took us stole them.
Evan:So your mainly useless now?
Logan:Pretty much.

"Clarice's arms were crossed and she looked down,And April scratched the back of her head."

Evan:Who do you think captured us?
Dane:Probably someone that actually knows us by maybe stalking and did that.
Logan:That's practically harassment illegal.
Dane:Oh? Oh yeah..Your police force made that a rule by the Phoenix State Mayor.

"Logan and Felix nodded. April then looked to Clarice and she wondered."

Evan:In all honesty I believe this Master mind us snatched is just hiding or...Their one of us.

"Everyone looked up,Suprised.Then Dane frowned and yelled."

Dane:Have you lost it? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Evan:Well why do you think we are here for?
Dane:I don't know but your idea is ridiculous.

"Logan and Felix stood at the wall and They watched Dane and Evan arguing. With Logan's arms crossed Felix stood at his side."

Logan:Childish hm?
Felix:I would agree.
Ann:Their just a little worried about our situation.
Logan:Are they really miss Setinny?
To Be Continued...
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