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by Rach
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Logan Felix Clarice and April are together Time Jumping back and back many times.
Time Chapter Two
"Dane and Evan was arguing Logan and Felix looked at each other. April and Clarice was whispering to each other."

Dane:Your being an idiot,You have no proof!
Evan:I do,I know I do!
Logan:Do you think that they will get it?
Felix:Probably not.
April:Should we tell them or no?
Clarice:Let them wait.
Logan:Okay you two your arguing over nothing we should think this through.
Dane:Well your right but there is no way to prove what's happening right now.

"Mani grabbed Dane's arm,And Ann held her boyfriend's hand."
"Logan and Felix stayed close. April and Clairce close behind they thought to themselves..They knew what was happening but their Box mates didn't."
"And neither did the others. They'll let time move forward this time. But next time they'll try and control time."

Logan:So what are we facing here?
April:Huh oh oh uh...
Clarice:Monster Hamsters!
Felix:Monster Hamsters?
Clarice:You heard me handsome,That's what I said.

"Felix looked at Logan with a surprise on their faces."

Logan:Ahem well uh I think we should get going then.
April:Yes this way hurry.

"April passed Felix and Logan. Clarice walked by them Felix and Logan followed behind."
"They turned a corner and they found a door."

Logan:What's this room?
April:The sleeping quarters.
Logan:For real?
Felix:Why would bedrooms be here?
Clarice:They just are.

"Felix and Logan looked at one another again. Then they heard running and claws on the metal flooring."
"Something was running their direction."

Logan:Hurry get inside..

"April and Clarice rushed in,Then the giants Hamsters jumped on Logan and Felix tearing them to threads."
"April screamed and Clarice closed the seal tight door."
Bad End 1-Torn To Shreads

"Logan and Felix looked up and around Dane and Evan was arguing April and Clarice was whispering to each other."

Logan:Didn't we just...
Felix:Get eaten?

"Felix looked at Clarice."

Felix:Hey do you know what just happened?
Clarice:Sort of.
Logan:Do you mind explaining to us?

"April looked up at Logan with her red rubies and his silvers. She pulled him by the wrist,And Clarice did the same."
"By the door."

April:We're in a time line.
Logan:Excuse me?
April:Me and Clarice jumped a time that we've already done.
Felix:I don't understand what your saying but a better explanation would be appreciated.
Clarice:"Exhale" Okay I will explain as fine for you boys to understand..Me and April can jump through time..And you both can to!

"Felix and Logan was quiet,Shocked they stare at their box mates. Then Felix shouted."

Felix:Are you crazy?
April:Ahh please keep it quiet.
Evan:What are you guys doing over here?
Ann:Why'd you guys get over here for?
Felix:Oh the craziest thing...
Logan:Its nothing to worry about miss Setinny.
Evan:Hm you don't know anything do you?
Logan:None of the sort.

"Dane said that they should split up. And Logan told the teams. Then suddenly two large monster Hamsters stood in their path. Two more behind them."

Dane:What is that?
Logan:Split up!

"Dane Mani Evan and Ann ran left Logan Felix Clarice and Arpil ran through the red doors and through the halls and into the filing office."
"The door locked and the scratching the floor got quieter and quieter more."

Felix:"Pant" "Pant" What was those things?
Clarice: Don't you remember? Those giant monster Hamsters mauled you in a different timeline.
Felix:Huh? That doesn't sound correct.
April:It's true in front of the bed quarters.
Logan:So what,Are we different Logan's and Felix's?
Clarice:Something like that.
Felix:Still confused.
Clarice:You would be.
Clarice:Hm hm.

"In Evan's Mani's Dane's and Ann's room they got locked in the Card Tables room. Ann held onto Evan's coat. Mani was pacing."

Mani:Oh my gosh oh my gosh...What was those things?
Dane:Calm down Mani,You stress when your nervous.
Mani:Those were huge Hamsters Dane how can you not not freak out?

"Mani's shoulder's were grabbed and he hugged her."

Dane:We'll be okay my love.
Mani:"inhale" "exhales","inhale" "exhale" Dane...
Ann:Evan I'm scared.
Evan:We'll be okay hon we'll meet up with those cops again soon.
Dane:We should wait here for awhile.
Evan:I agree.
Ann:Can we agree to say maybe the Master mind has sent those things after us?
Evan:I would say so Annleena.

"Evan kissed Ann's forehead and she cuddled his collar. And Dane and Mani kept to themselves."
"Logan's arms were crossed,Half sitting on the desk,And he looked at April snooping at he files."
"Clarice and Felix was talking. Logan stood a the cabinet with April."

Logan:Um so about this time jumping thing.
April:Hm? Oh your still curious? Well I can explain some things.
Clarice:Well handsome if you ever need more to know I'm your guide.
Felix:Something I'll think about.

"Felix went to go the couch. But he stopped then pinched Clarice's bottom. She blushed and she giggled. What a flirt she thought."

April:Our consciousness also must feel in danger to jump a different timeline.
Logan:I see. So every time we're chased by those Hamsters...We're all in danger.
Logan:Thank you for explaining better April. I now understand.

"April smiled,And she blushed pink. Logan was handsome,And she was beginning to learn to help Logan,And his half brother through the timelines she has experience with Clarice already."
"Evan and Ann opened the door then left. They heard running then Evan pushed Ann to run away. But they got attacked and blood pooled in the hall."
"Mani and Dane gasped. And they tried to find the others."
"Logan April Felix and Clarice left."

Dane:Logan Felix please it's terrible.
Mani:Evan and Annleena their...
To Be Continued...
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