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Let go already! Live your life.

She's gone already. You've hung on to her for so long, she's not coming back, let go your only hurting yourself by holding on for so long. Her last words to you were, 'I'm done with you'. 'Oh, and by the way, have a nice life, I'm done trying to be in it'. She has always accused you, put you down, ridculed you, she builds you up to a point for what seems to you at the moment to be a positive note, but when you least expect it the words and every tiny negative detail she belittles, insults you, talks to you as those you are stupid. I tell you wakeup already! Your drowning in your own pain and suffering to where there is no light left in your eyes. The flame has been snuffed out once again. You have always loved her through thick as and this no matter what she's said. Your better than that wakeup smell the roses! I wonder why you put her needs before your own. Your dying from the inside out. You love her so much and yet you hate her so much for how can someone that you love so much be so unkind and cruel and stab at your heart with the names, accusations, and assumptions. Just because you might have been guilty of some of the these things does not mean it can be revived each and every day. She lives in the past, you however live in the present be and strive to live in the future that has many doors waiting for you to open them for a world of new possiblities.
She pretends I'm stupid. I offer to help, talk, or assist others and she says don't try to help, talk, or assist anyone just stay out of the way. I have knowledge to help, talk, or assist others. I am a beautiful intelligent person who has had many experiences in life that I have learned a great deal of many lessons from. She makes me feel inadequate, stupid at times, and I've learned not to give my opinion about anything to anyone because when I do she says something and then I'm totally embarrassed by by my opinion, thought, or idea and I think to myself gee that was stupid why did you say that?!?!
I need to let her go so I can be free to live my life instead of being like a little hermit crab who is belittled and crawl back into the safety of my shell, where my knowledge, opinion is valued by me and that's all that matters to me.
Have you ever suffered, been degraded and looked down upon? I HAVE! But your so used to it that you can speak about it to others when she's not around, but when she's around you live in fear! I DO! Someone!
Wakeup! Smell the roses she's been gone for along time.
She's not coming back to like it once was your nothing to her. So yes, bring me back to life and reality.

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