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Spiked eggnog leads to uninhibited holiday fun.
Johnnie knew something was off as the first sip filled her mouth. Along with the sweet taste of milk mixed with sugar and eggs came the burning sensation of alcohol. Rum? She wondered as she took another drink. Her cheeks burned as the creamy liquid slid down her throat and into a half empty belly. There was a buffet of vegetables, fruit, cheese, and small sandwiches but nothing filling enough to absorb liquor. Someone decided to spice things up while the boss was away.

She looked around the employees’ lounge of O’Rourke’s. Others were beginning to exhibit the inhibitions correlated with consumption. There was boisterous laughter, risqué dancing, and some brave souls were attempting to hide in corners together. She noticed the other senior staff members were missing. Leaving the lounge, she made her way to the kitchen. Pushing open one of the double doors she poked her head into the dim lit room.

The sight of the head chef seated on the expedition counter with her breasts bared kept her from entering. A dark-haired man stood between the other women’s naked thighs. His dark-haired head lowered and he latched onto a plump rosy nipple. The chef’s head fell back and her blond hair hung free. Her eyes closed but her mouth opened on a moan of pleasure.

Johnnie felt moisture pool in her panties. She’d seen Sorcha and Dillon in such intimate positions before but not at work. A pair of arms wrapped around her and pulled her back against a hard body. A hand covered her mouth to muffle her scream of surprise.

“Now, don’t be interruptin’ them,” a soft Irish voice rasped in her ear. “Naughty little voyeur.”

“Sean?” She whispered when his hand fell from her mouth.

“Do ya think Cullen would be so bold?” Sean asked. “Not our straight-laced boss.”

Johnnie smiled as he pulled her toward the boss’s office. Once inside he closed and locked the door. She felt for the light but he caught her hand.

“Let’s leave it off?” He pulled her through the darkness and down onto a couch. “’Tis more fun this way.”

“Sean… I’m… not sure… we should…” She gasped between kisses. His hands slid over her thick winter tights under her skirt. Two thumbs massaged her pulsing sex.

“I want ya, Johnnie.” He breathed as his hand cupped her soaked flesh. “Do ya want me to stop?”

“I…” She should tell him to stop. They worked together. How could she look at him the next evening if they continued? “Don’t stop.”

“Don’t stop.” Sean repeated “Or don’t, stop.”

She answered him by pulling him in for a kiss. The taste of eggnog and rum on his tongue urged her on. Her hands made their way to his pants and unfastened them. A smooth, hard shaft fell into them. Encircling it with her fingers, she stroked downward, urging him to her.

“There’s a condom in me pocket.” He gasped as he straightened. She heard him struggle to pull it out. The distinct sound of tearing foil followed. Two fingers pressed the round latex to her lips. “With yer mouth first.”

She opened to hold the rubber in place as they changed positions. Taking him in her she mouth, she pushed the thin shield over his tip and down to his root. The taste of apple cinnamon coated her tongue. She sucked him like a pop-sickle until the flavor was gone. Pulling her tights off, she straddled him and slid onto his hard member.

“Oh, gawd, Johnnie, yer so wet and tight!”

His hands made quick work of her blouse and bra. Pulling her forward he suckled one of her nipples until she clenched around him. Switching to the other he drew another release from her. His hand slipped between them and he fondled her clit with his thumb. She howled and bucked as he brought her to small orgasms.

“Stop! Please! I can’t take much more of that!” She fell on him as he removed his thumb. After taking a moment to catch her breath, she sat up. Her clit was so engorged from his touch the course hair around the base of his cock continued the torment. She rubbed against it to encourage another orgasm. Her hands pushed his polo up under his armpits. He pulled it off and tossed it aside. Rubbing his chest, she continued her slow ride. More pleasure poured out of her soaking them both.

“Almost there.” Sean groaned. “So close.”

His words encouraged her to go a bit faster. Resting her hands on the back of the couch, she used it as leverage to pull herself higher and come down harder. His hands caught her hips and bounced her. The springs in the couch creaked under the stress. Some thing cracked as she came down on him as hard as she was able. He cried out and his cock pulsed inside her. Oh shit, I broke him!

“Did I hurt you?” She asked.

“No,” he said. “Can’t say the same for the couch though.”

“Oh, no.” She moaned. “Cullen’s gonna kill us.”

“Don’t worry, luv,” he said. “I’ll take care of it before he finds out.”

Word Count: 862
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