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Abandoned by a coward of a father, my life went downhill from there.
My coward of a father abandoned me and my two younger brothers when I was only three years old. He absence cause much pain and trauma in my young life. I am so happy I did not turn out like him. Thank God.



I looked up to the window, and I saw you looking in.
I wondered why you were there, and where you had been.

I walked over to the window sill, with a smile upon my face.
Then you turned and walked away, and left without a trace.

Did I disappoint you? Why did I lose your love?
You took away my self-esteem, with as little as a shove.

How could you disappear? Was it an easy thing to do?
Cast me aside, and made it clear, your love was never true.

Why did you leave? Why did you go, and never come again?
You may have hated her, but it was me that you caused pain.

What excuse did you give yourself, your conscious for to ease?
You did what was the best for you? For, me you did not want to please.

I grew up with an anger and hated you with all my heart.
Forever rage was with me, bitterness would never part.

The pain in me grew more and more, till I almost could not see.
It took control of my whole life until I was no longer me.

To make things worse you went and another family found.
Keeping those you truly love close and near around.

Them you loved, stayed with them, but me you cast aside.
My arms are closed to you, and will never open wide.

I am older now and I’m so glad, I did not become like you.
I have my own children, and my love for them is true.

Regardless of the problems encountered in my life.
Even the most difficult, the clashes with my wife.

I never even thought, or considered leaving them,
They know I’ll always be there, not leave them on a whim.

I’ve earned their respect, and I’ve earned their love,
And for these accomplishments, I thank my God above.

He has been my Father, He will not abandon me.
He doesn’t make excuses, His love for me is free.

I looked up to the window, and I saw Him looking in.
I wondered why He was there, and how He had been.

I walked over to the window sill, with a smile upon my face.
He turned to me and came inside, and shared with me His grace.

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