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by Rach
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2176821
They meet SebastianJames Badnier and the different timeline happens.
Time Chapter Three
Logan:What Happened?
Mani:Their..Their torn to a shred.
Logan:Show us please!
Dane:Follow us to the blue door.

"They all left through the blue door and they smelled the blood. And dead pools of blood and skin pulled away was the bodies of Evan Ison and Ann Setinny."

April:Oh...So horrible.
Charice:Gh..I'd knew this would happen.
Mani:How do we get out of here?
Logan:I don't know.
Felix:Perhaps we should find out where we are first then we can assume we escape.
Dane:Your right.
Mani:Well our team found a weird peice of paper a map maybe.
Logan:Really show us!

"Logan scanned the map of the whole building they was in,They was in the blue door hallway. They ran into the red door hallway. And a green door was in the middle of them. There was many rooms to explore but they needed to exit before those giant human eating Hamsters come back."

Logan:Look! There a door in the Boxrooms area we all woke up in lets go.

"Logan lead the run following behind Felix the Girls Dane and Mani."

April:Haa isn't Logan such a great leader?
Clarice:He's cute but do you have a new crush on him?
April:Ah um...Mm.
Clarice:You forgot we've been here in a different timeline with these cops.
April:I know but this one is a lot better.
Clarice:What with Evan and Ann dead again? And what about Him?
April:Time will happen.

"They kept on movivng. Once they made it to the door they looked straight at a huge giant metal door."

Felix:Look a door we're all free.
Logan:Something doesn't feel right..Did we see this the first...Uh before?
Dane:I may have took a look..But i don't know.

"April walked up to Logan and she spoke to him."

April:The lever to get out is right there.

"She pointed to a button on the right side of the door."

Logan:Oh thank you April.
April:Hm hm.

"Logan pushed the button,An annoucement went off."

Annoucment:The escape door,To the surface is opened,It shall remain for five seconds.
Logan:Hurry get in.
G. Hamsters:"Screeching."

"They turned around saw five giant Hamsters after them. Logan held April's hand Felix grabbed Clarice's upper arm,And Dane and Mani ran."
"And the door closed. Scratching and screeching on the big metal door."

Everyone:"Pant" "Pant" "Pant" "Pant" Pant"
Annoucment:The elevator is now ready for the surface.
Felix:Yeah let's not waste time let's get out of here.

"Everyone jumped on the large elevtor platform,And it lifted up. April held Logan's hand he looked at her and she was smiling."
"Logan blushed with her. And he'd probably will save a first kiss when their up top or alone."
"Felix was coutining the numbers on the wall while going up."

Felix:49 50...We're 50 miles down there.
Logan:That doesn't matter anymore.

"A platform door opened. Everyone looked up."

Logan:We're free.

"Stars greeted them. But something wasn't right. They suddenly couldn't breath...They all fell down gasping for air."
"A figure in a space suit stood at their helpless bodies."

M.U.T.M(Man under the mask):You should have wore the suits on the wall for you.

"He pressed a button. And a dome of protected air surrounded them. They stood up slowly."

Dane:Who are you?
M.U.T.M:That is no concern to you. But now you shall get to work.
Felix:What we're not some laybored workers..
Logan:Where even are we?
April:We're on the Moon.
Clarice:Yep..3001 on January 1..
M.U.T.M:Smart Girl for a time jumper.
Mani:Your kidding!
M.U.T.M:Quite the truth your four commrads here are time jumpers.
Logan:Just tell us why we're on the Moon.
M.U.T.M.:April care to explain once more?
April:Something bad happened last year of November 19,3000..

"Logan Felix Dane and Mani looked at her with suprised eyes."

April:A winter nucular war happened and it destroys half the earth just in that single month.
Felix:Spreads that fast?
Dane:By the way who are you?
M.U.T.M:My sir Dane...You knew for quite a while.
M.U.T.M:Same to you,Brothers.

"Felix and Logan was suprised but then frowned. The Man took his helmet off then it was a mixed dark haired white dyed man."
"Suddenly everyone but Clarice and April gasp."

Dane,Logan,Felix:Sebastian James!
Logan:A seinor high jerk scared every Girl and Boy he could.
Sebastian James:Hm..And a little bit of you Dane.

"Dane blushed in embarresment and he rubbed his arm and looked the other way."
"Mani comforted his arm. April and Clarice had to do something. Jump? Or don't jump?"
"There was no danger yet..And his venom-bullet gun wasn't around or in his hand yet."

Sebastian James:Well back to business,You should find the work area very comfortable.
Clarice:We're not working for you again!
Clarice: Duh i keep telling you...
Felix:Yeah yeah you've been in this timeline.
Mani:How is that possible?
Clarice:It's a long strory.
Sebastian James:And it will shorten by start working.
Clarice:No we won't.
Sebastian James:Clarice,You remember this?

"His holster pulled the venom-bullet gun out. Clarice took a step back and Felix held her shoulders."
"Sebastian James raised an eyebrow then turned his head."
"Clarice glared with Felix. Then Sebastian James shot."
"Clarice fell over. Felix held her by the shoulder and hand."

Felix:Stay with me Clarice..
Logan:What have you done?
Sebastian James:Oh relax i only gave her a sleepy stun like so.

"He shot Dane and Mani...But...There was blood. They gasped. Logan and April looked at Sebastian James,Real bullets to? He pointed and shot April."
To Be Continued...
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