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by Rach
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2176825
Logan April Felix and Clarice and the others are still on the Moon and try to get out
Time Chapter Four
"Logan held April..Blood. He felf the red substance of blood on her heart area has been shot. And his hand on her back to keep her steady."

April:Oh Logan i don't have to jump time anymore..I can sleep peacefully.
Logan:No you will jump many more..
April:Logan im happy i met you in this timeline.
Logan:April April.

"She closed her eyes. Gone,Logan bit his lip he laid her to rest. Felix and Logan stood side by side."

Felix:Didn't Miss Sweetwater say we need to jump when in danger?
Felix:Well this is a good time.
Sebastian James:Sorry it had to end this way.
Felix:Concetrait on all things Logan.

"Logan nodded and he watched as Sebastian James shot two times."
End-3 Shot.

Logan:Okay you two your arguing over nothing we should think this through.
Dane:Well your right but there is no way to prove what's happening right now.

"Mani grabbed Dane's arm and Ann held her boyfriend's hand."

Logan:Okay i think Miss Sweetwater and i shall go through the green door. Felix you go with Miss Fayround through the blue door,And you four may explore this red door hall area.
Felix:Okay Logan.
Evan:Whatever you say.

"Felix and Clarice went inside the blue door hallway. Felix watched as Clarice walked."
"He suddenly blushed and Felt warm. Clarice then broke him."

Clarice:Either keep staring Officer or we'll never get out of here.
Felix:Ah? Yes we will..Logan is a Lieutenat after all.
Clarice:That makes you what deputy?
Felix:No ofcourse not..Im the Cadet.
Clarice:Hmm...Anyways we got this fancy place to search first.

"Clarice pressed the button,Then they walked inside a huge study room,And book shelves after book shelves."

Felix:Oh wow this place is like it's own library.
Clarice:Well it is the Study room.
Felix:Sassy now are we?
Clarice:Oh im sorry Officer,I didn't mean to.

"Clarice turned around and she held her hands at her hips. And a young Girls sorry face."
"Felix pushed on her shoulder and he passed by."

Felix:Alright silly Jill,Let's find a way to get out of this place.
Clarice:That's going to be a while.
Felix:Whatcha say?
Felix:Hmph...You know you can be hot when being clueless.
Clarice:Is that supposed to be a flirt?
Felix:Is it working?
Clarice:Hardly,Man Cops are the hot ones.

"Felix stopped looking in the desk then looked up at Clarice. Raised a eyebrow with a smirk."

Felix:Oh you like a Man in a uniform?
Clarice:I uh...Well.
Felix:Heh if we get out i'll show you.
Clarice:I...I'd actually like that.

"Felix pressed a button and then he found a peice of paper,It was written words,And a map of the whole place."

Felix:Hey look a map!
Clarice:Oh wait don't...

"Felix grabbed it but a pin struck Felix's hand and he hissed in air. Holding his hand and the map."

Clarice:Again...Here,I have a tissue.

"She dabbed the tissue on his oozing blood on his hand. And Felix looked at her,Clarice stared up but looked back at his hand again she was blushing."

Felix:Um,Any boyfriends at home?
Clarice:No,Im single..And your cute,In a way.
Felix:Heh tell me later once we leave this halls.

"Once finally they got out,Logan and April was exploring the hallway they was in."

Felix:Logan,Miss Sweetwater.
April:Oh you got out safe.
Felix:Yeah wasn't a hassle.
Logan:Did you get the same map we did?
Felix:I think.

"They showed maps,The same peice of paper. They was suprised to see such copies."

Clarice:Have any of you seen the others?
April:No..We haven't.
Clarice:Hmm...I think i might know where they are.

"Clarice went through the red door hallway and she turned the cornor a locked door."
"Clarice opens it. Gasps it was Dane and Mani. Scared and gathering their breaths."

Dane:Oh! Clarice.
Clarice:Hm..As i guessed.
Logan:What are you two doing in here?
Dane:Eh um...We...
Mani:It's our situation!
Logan:What situation?

"They heard scratches on the door."

Felix:What's that sound?
Mani:Giant monsters of some sort..
Dane:Y-Yeah huge...Uh Hamsters i think?
Mani:And they mauled Evan and Ann to death!
Felix:You can't be serious.
Dane:Don't believe us? You can just go around.
Logan:Uh no thank you.
Mani:What are creatures like that doing here?
Logan:And how?
April:Should we tell them now?
Clarice:Maybe a snip. Ahem listen everyone.
Clarice:Me and April have confessions to make..We..Know what's going to happen in this timeline.
Everyone:Huh? What is she talking about?
Felix:Do you even know what you just said Miss Fayround?
Clarice:I know perfectly what i said.
Logan:What's this timeline?
April:Hm...The Hamsters will cornor us and kill us all.
Felix:How many lurk here?
Logan:We should make sure that doesn't happen.
April:Logan..Um we should talk.
Clarice:Your coming with to handsome.
Felix:Oh fine.
Logan:You two just stay here.

"Dane held Mani's shoulders and she held Dane's hand. They stood at the red door enterance."

Clarice:Okay listen,Me you Boys and April all have been here.
April:She means that we experianced this before.
Clarice:Then first time.
Felix:But we didn't go to the study room.
Clarice:No,No...The very first time of me and April's experiance.

"Logan and Felix was still confused but shocked at the matter."
To Be Continued...
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