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by Rach
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2176828
The gang try a different timeline and they help the others out.
Time Chapter Five
Logan:What do you mean?
Clarice:"Exhale" Okay from the top we all experianced these timelines.
Logan:How come we don't remember.
Clarice:Maybe your turn is here.
Felix:Your saying me and Logan are to so to speak "Experiance Timelines?"
Clarice:Mm hm.
April:All of us have the ability to jump in time..We've done so already.
Clarice:Mutible times.
Logan:Let me get this straight,If we jump timelines what if we save Evan and Ann?
April:We never done that.
Clarice:Hm a new experiance.
Logan:Can't we try?
April:And we can stop them from getting mauled.
Felix:Then let's jump.
Clarice:We can't.
Felix:What why?
April:Oh oh yeah we need to be in danger.
Felix:That's stupid.
April:It's the truth if it those monster Hamsters or someone to kill us..Then we can't jump.
Logan:How does jumping work?
Clarice:Our consienceness has to think on the moment where they want to jump while being in danger.
April:Or died already.
Logan:Your saying we've all died in timelines?
Clarice:Pretty much.
Logan: Okay we should tell Dane and Mani.
April:On what?
April:Not the jumping part.
Felix:Then how are we to save Evan and Ann?
April:Um,Let time go?
Felix:Your kidding?
Clarice:Danger remember that.
Felix:Ugh fine..We'll let this timeline play.

"Felix followed Logan back where Dane and Mani was at. April smiled."

April:Isn't Logan the cutest when he's serious?
Clarice: Don't tell him you have the hots for him.
April:Oh...I uh..
Logan:Hey guys follow us.
Dane:Um okay why?
Logan:We got some things to run from.

"Dane and Mani's eyes widened,Then they looked scared."

Dane:Your not serious.
Logan:Im dead serious.
Mani:We have...To die to just save them?
Dane:That's not possible.

"April and Clarice cleared their voices."

Logan:Well it so happens little birds told us the most interesting fact.
Dane:Okay..We'll play along.

"Everyone went trhough the Photo Frame room then after their puzzle solving. They went through another building and found a different door."
"They opened the door. And they walked through."
End 1-Found a door.

Felix:Your saying me and Logan are to so to speak "Experiance Timelines?"
Clarice:Mm hm.

"Then suddenly Logan and Felix looked around."

Clarice:Oh we know that look..You time jumped.
Felix:But we wasn't in danger.
April:True but it does also mean something happened after that timeline.
Logan:Hm i think...
April:Oh let's go find Dane and Mani.

"April walked away,But she heard scratching in the break room had the Hamsters got through?"
"Or did the Master mind let them through?"

April:Their in there.
Logan:Hm perhaps we should have brought them through that other timeline.
Clarie:They'd be confused in that timeline when we explained to you.
Logan:What do we do?
Felix:Yeah and how are we to save Evan and Ann and possibly now Dane and Mani.
April:Hm...Perhaps we can open this door and get chased.
Felix:You kidding we'll die.
Clarice:It's the only way.
April:Yeah..And if we get mauled we have to jump at the point where Logan told us where to go.
Logan:Good plan.

"Logan pushed the button the door opened blood covered mouths of the man eating monster Hamsters."
"They screeched,Then they ran. Chasing behind the monster Hamsters."

Logan:"Pant" "Pant" Keep running!
Felix:Get to the werehouse!
Clarice:We should jump.
Clarice:Yes now!
Logan:Okay ju...Ahhhhh.
April:Ahh Logan!
Clarice:Jump April.
Clarice:You to cop Boy.
Felix:You better be glad we're not near the station.

"The only way was to jump,And the danger has passed. And at the moment Logan gave orders."

Felix:Okay Logan.
Evan:Whatever you say.

"Evan Dane Mani and Ann left. Logan April Felix and Clarice stood still. They shook their heads. Some put hands on their heads."

Felix:Did we jump properly?
Apri:I think so.
Logan:We should warn them now.
Clarice:I agree we need to get in their room before it locks on them.
Logan:Okay let's go.

"They rushed to the red hallway. And they suddenly spotted their four compainions."

Logan:Hurry get in.

"Last Ann was in the four rushed in."

Dane:Ah what are you guys doing here?
Logan:It's "pant" a long story.
Evan:Oh do tell.
Clarice:Okay...Me and April can jump through different timelines,And we done so mutible since we got here.
Evan:How is that even possible?
Clarice:Ah uh well when a person's ability to jump their consiousness must know where to jump through that timeline to either change it or let it happen.

"Evan and Ann was confused. Dane and Mani looked at each other."
"They felt like they felt this speech before."

Logan:You will get chased by monster Hamsters.
Ann:Aw that sounds sweet.
Felix:Trust my half brother when he says chased.
April:You two die in mutible timelines by them Dane and Mani died in the last timeline we was in.
Dane:Oh i get it now.
Logan:Come on let's all finish this puzzle room and follow me.

"They worked on the puzzle room for as ten minutes. Then the locked door on the left wall unlocked."
"Logan opened it,No giant Hamsters anywhere,April told him before he opened the door. 'Becareful they can hear running.' "

Logan:Okay let's go quietly to the werehouse.

"Logan first following April,Then Clarice,Felix,Dane,Mani,Evan,And Ann..But stepping on the metal floor accidently once by Ann,They heard them,Logan screamed Run."
"They turned a cornor but the remaining three was there."


"The five monster Hamsters jumped on them and tore them to peices. Screaming and agony."
Bad End 2-Mauled to Death.

To Be Continued...
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