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by Rach
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2176854
The Gang fight the Monster Hamsters and the timeline gets rough.
Time Chapter Six
Logan:Okay i think Miss Sweetwater and i shall go through the green door. Felix you go with Miss Fayround through the blue door,You four may explore this red door hall area.
Felix:Okay Logan. "Wait what is he saying?"
Evan:Whatever you say.

"Evan Ann Dane and Mani stayed for a second."

Felix:What are you trying to do get them killed again?
Ann,Evan:Us Killed? You don't have a weapon Wolf.
Logan:Yeah but...
Evan:What's going on?
Dane:I think i do..Your time travelers arn't you?
Ann,Evan:What How? That's dumb.
Clarice:No..It's true..We can time jump through any timeline.
Logan:Don't believe us the moment you leave your puzzle room you get chased by monster Hamsters and you and Ann die by stupidly opening the door to the break room and runs away.
Ann:That's aweful.
Mani:Then what do we do?
Logan:Do your puzzle but stay put. We will come get you.
Mani:Sounds fair.
Evan:Sounds better than dying all the time.
Logan:Alright let's split up. Let's go April.

"Logan and April passed Dane Mani Evan and Ann follwed last was Felix and Clarice."

Felix:Great im stuck with you again.
Clarice:Be gald that im hiding my feelings for you.

"She smirked then went to the blue door hallway. Felix following."
"Logan watched his four other compainions walked away. Then to April she smiled."

April:The'll stay put i know they will.
Logan:That's worth hearing.

"They went to the green door way and the searched the puzzle in the Glass Figures room."
"They heard the unlock of their door."

Logan:Okay let's get Felix and Clarice.

"They found Felix and Clarice in the blue hallway he had his hand on the wall and Clarice smiled at him."

Logan:Alright you two,I don't know what you two talked about in there but we need to get Evan Ann Dane and Mani.
Clarice:Yeah handsome.
Felix:Heh you'll get it when we get out of here.
Clarice:Hm hm.
Felix:Yeah let's go find them.

"They snuck into the red door hallway. And they went where Logan saw the others went into."
"They opened the door but no one was there except a turned over shelf and one dead Hamster."

Logan:Hurry look in every room.

"They rushed as fast as they can. Felix leads them to the bed chambers."
"They found them shivering in fear."

Logan:What happened to you guys?
Dane:Th...They came in.
Evan:The..The..The door opened on it's own and then they rushed in.
Ann:Evan hit them with the turned over table.
April:Oh dear well we need to get away from here.
Felix:Yeah but where do we hide from them perminately?
Ann:We passed a Cafe that might keep us safe for now.
Logan:Yes let's go that way.

"They rushed to the Cafe and they opened the door."
"They took drinks and ate some food to help their hunger keep up their stregnths."
"Logan sat next to April and she smiled at him."
"Clarice cuddled next to Felix and Felix blushed. Evan and Ann sat next to each other at a table the same with Dane and Mani."

Clarice:I hope we get out of here.
Felix:Me to Miss Fayround.
Clarice:Aw you can call me Clarice..Officer.

"Felix blushed and a smile. He looked down at her her head cuddled on his shoulder."

Ann:I hope we get out. But i don't know where we are.
Evan:We could be anywhere Annleena.
Dane:Well this is good cooking.
Mani:No better than ours?
Dane:Heh our cooking is so nice.
Ann:Oh we love your cooking.
Evan:Yeah you all have great sandwhiches.
Mani:Hm hm thank you.

"They stayed there for a good hour and a half. They relaxed and they had drinks to relax some more."
"Felix held Clarice around her waist same with Dane and Evan with their Girls. Logan and April sat in a sofa relaxing."

April:Hm? Do you hear that?
Logan:What do you hear?

"April turned around seeing a second exit door and she gasped."
"Scratching and screeching. Everyone gasped and they began to fear."
"Suddenly the door opened on its own. They screamed as two giant Hamsters ran in trashing over a table and two chairs. They all got out that exit door. Ann tripped once Evan picked her up by the arm and they ran away as quickly as possibly."
"They made it inside the werehouse. And they panted breaths so deep and exhausted they calmed down a bit."

Logan:We need to stop these Hamsters.
April:And the Master mind.
Evan:And who is that?
Clarice:He is a troublesome man.
Ann:You know who he is?
Clarice:Yes we faced him..In a timeline before.

"Ann and Mani gasped. They wondered who captured them. And wondered where they were."

Dane:Do you know where we are?
Felix:Yes but...
Evan:But what? Where are we?

"Felix and Logan looked at each other. April and Clarice wondered if they should tell this once more."

Logan:We're on the Moon fifty feet bellow.
Ann:How is that possible?
Dane:Why are you telling us this weird fact?
Felix:Because we had that timeline.
Evan:You mean you had a timeline that you four experianced before.
April:We did..It doesn't end well there.
Logan:We have to think how we will attack those last three Hamsters.
Felix:What are we going to attack them with Logan?
Logan:We need to find weapons we can search around the blue door hallway.

"They nodded to that agreement. And they will search through the rooms in the blue hallway."
"Everyone was searching for weapons to fight the final Hamsters. Logan lifted up his sleeve and his lightning bracelets he wore for protection."
"He wondered if he wants to use his bolts. and he needed to help his half brother,The Girls and the others out of here. He'd do anything to save these people."
"They found the Armory room in the seccond blue door hallway room."

Evan:Ah this what we need,Perfect.
Dane:These weapons look heavy.
Evan:Hey,We've all seen alot of twisted rooms no problem with one more.
Dane:Im just asking can we hold these while protecting us and the Girls?
Logan:We all have to try Dane.
Felix:Yeah,Pick up a sword and lets fight.

"Dane looked up at a armor statue holding a battle axe there was a crossbow on the wall Felix and Evan held swords practicing."
"Dane lifted it off the wall gently and he held it carefully."

Evan:Hey cool i studied the weapons of long ago in the 1300's in school.
Dane:Is it hard to handle?
Evan:Yeah it should be fine.
Dane:Yeah..Heh what's the worst thing that can happen?

"Then he shot a arrow. It hit a armor statue. And it crumbled over."

Dane:Heh heh,Oops.
Evan:You'll get the hang of it.
Felix:Arn't you going to get one Logan?
Logan:Ah...I have a certain weapon on my own.

"He lifted his right sleeve. Then Felix nodded. Logan walked up to Felix and the Girls."

Logan:Are we ready?
Logan:Those three Hamsters should be around here somewhere.
Evan:What do you want us to do? Scream as loud as we can for them?
Logan:No,Me and Felix will get their attention,And you others shall wait by the cornor and we all will head to the werehouse where we will have this final battle.

"One by one,They exited the armor room. April placed her hand on his broad shoulder."

April:Now i know we're not experianced this timeline before but if anything goes wrong we can jump.
Logan:Everything should go according to plan April.
April:What will you use to fight them?
Logan:Under my sleeves i control lightning bolts through my bracelets in my veins.

"He showed her a gold bracelet and a small bolt. April looked at him then she smiled. And they walked around the whole blue door hallway."
"They listened for growling in the rooms or in the hallways. There was nothing in the blue hallway. They checked in the red one,Nothing anywhere. Last stop was the green door hallway. They heard growling,And claws walking on the metal floor."
"Logan told them to stopped with his hand then whispering."

Logan:Alright,Now me and Felix will sneak up to them as close as possible and when we meet around here you all go to the werehouse.

"They nodded,Logan and Felix tipped toed as quietly as possible. Closer and closer. They began to feel shivers in their skin,Swallowing their own fear."
"They stopped then Felix looked at Logan and he nodded."


"Logan threw a bolt and hit the floor,They screeched, And they ran away as fast as they could."
"The others began to run,Logan and Felix turning the cornor. Following behind the three giant Hamsters."
"Dane thought if he could help everyone run away faster,He gripped the crossbow...And he screamed."

Dane:Keep going!
Mani: Dane no...

"Dane stopped fired,It hit the first giant Hamster it yelped out and Dane fell over and turn his skin off."
"Mani in tears reached for Dane,Logan pulled her arm."

Logan:It's to late for him.

"He threw a bolt,They caught up Evan looked at Logan."

Evan:You'd had bolts this whole time?
Logan:I've always had them.
Evan:And you didn't use them in any of your other timelines?
Logan:Slipped my mind.

"At the door,Then Clarice pressed the button and the door opened and they rushed into the werehouse. They stopped by the metal door."
"They giant Hamsters rushed at them Felix swung,And the other one jumped away. Then Logan threw a bolt,The Girls were hiding together,Trying to comfort Mani's greif."
"Her shed of tears were droping faster and faster."

Mani:Dane,Ohh Dane...
April:It's okay Mani.
Clarice:He could be in a different timeline again.
Ann:Yeah you forget Logan and the others can control time.
Mani:I don't care about that...That Hamster killed my Dane.

"Tears blocked her vision,She wiped away,The first Hamster,Blood around it's mouth."
"Logan fired a bolt. To either kill it or set it on fire. Mani frowned and she walked forward."

Girls:Mani Stop! Don't Do This! Come back here!
Mani:Hey You!

"Logan looked as the mouth blooded giant Hamster ran to Mani."

Logan:No Mani!

"Logan threw a bolt,It hit the fur,Burning Mani frowned then she showed fear."
"A single scream. And the giant Hamster not only tore out her throat it fell on her dying as well."

Evan:No Mani! What were you thinking?

"Logan ran up to him. And then he pulled his arm."

Logan:There's nothing we can do there's two left.
Felix:Logan Evan!

"They looked at Felix turning around."

Felix:Protect the Girls.
Logan:No i will not let you die either.

"He threw a lightning bolt towards Felix,He dodged and it hit the Hamster about to hurt Felix."
"Felix ran to Logan,They heard the Girls scream."
"They gasped turning around and saw them run to a wall,A Boxroom next to them it was running to the Girls. Evan rushed as fast as can."
"The Girls covered their faces. Then Evan grunted."
"They looked and gasped. Evan blocked a claw attack. The Girls looked more worried."

Ann:Evan darling!
Evan:Get into a Boxroom Hurry!

"The Girls ran into a Boxroom. Logan Felix was busy with the other Hamster."
"The giant Hamster tripped Evan with a scream,And he lost his sword."

Ann:No Evan...

"He then threw a lightning bolt. It hit the wall. Then Felix killed the Hamster, The Hamster mauled Evan. Ann shed tears as April and Clarice pulled her arms back into the Boxroom."

Ann:Evan nooo-Hoo-Hoo nooo!

"Logan and Felix looked at the Girls. One last giant Hamster left. But Ann got out of the Girls grip then she ran to beat on the giant Hamster."

Ann:How dare yo-Ahhhhh...

"They ran inside the Boxroom and closed the door. The final Hamster clawed and clawed the door."

April:Is now a good time to jump Logan?
Felix:We should.
Logan:We can't keep jumping through time in this Moon base...There is only one thing to do!

"They stared at Logan,The giant Hamster kept clawing the door."

Logan:We have to jump before any of this happens!
Felix:Where can we possibly jump?

"A claw got through,Then scratched Logan's back,Blood gushed in his clothes and back. He grunted and hissed air...Holding his shoulder April held him."

Felix:Logan..Are you alright?
Logan:Ghhh...We have to....Jump to last year.
Clarice:That is a big jump...

"They screamed as the hole got bigger and they heard screeching from the last Hamster."

April:What part of last year Logan?
Logan:If the nucular war happens in November..We have to jump to April.
Clarice:Why that far?
Logan:Gives time...
Felix:Should we do it?
April:We haven't jumped that big of time before.
Logan:We have to....We have to save all of us. Including what will happen.
Felix:Call the shot Clarice.
April: Oh...Come on Clarice we have to.

"Clarice was worried. The last time she made a big jump to a year back was two years ago. And she gained a nose bleed lasting for three days."
"The hole got alot bigget and she gasped."


"The mouth of the blooded giant Hamster almost took a bite of Logan."
"And they was gone."
To Be Continued...
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