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Why I hate being home.
So I’ve written about my mother but never my father. I can tell you, though my mother is worse, my dad still isn’t great. He is going to get remarried in a couple of weeks, so I’m excited for him. My stepmom is okay, not terrible nor great, but my dad loves her so, I don’t really care.

However, they both do this bullshitty thing. Ever since my parents divorced, my mother always said I’m just like my father and that is why I was treated the way I was. My father is the same way. Because I am biologically related to my mother, I all of a sudden have to have all her issues. What kind of bullshit is that?

My dad believes I lie just like my mom because he said, “When you were younger you lied a lot.” Are you serious? I lied a lot because you both would tell me crap about the other parent and I had to shut my mouth and not say shit. He also believes that if I hangout with anyone of the opposite gender, than I am immediately dating them and having sex. Well dad, sucks for you because I’m in a gay relationship and you don’t even know that! Another thing that pisses me off is when he drops me off at school, I am required to talk to him on the phone until I get to my first period. Why you may ask? Because my mom used to ditch class and he thinks I am just like her.

So this is what I have to say to him. Is that necessary? I didn’t tell you to marry my mother and have sex with her to pop out a kid. So don’t you dare pin me to your stupid ex and don’t compare me to her because you don’t even take the time to sit down and talk to me. You don’t know shit, so stop acting like you do. You don’t even know that the reason I come home late is because of clubs and practice. You don’t even know that I pull all nighters because you are so demanding on me to get straight A’s like your fiancé. So leave me alone and stop comparing me to my mother because you are just being an ignorant jerk.

God it feels so nice to just vent. The funny this I haven’t even talked about what my stepmom does, but that’s for another story. Thank you for listening and I promise the next one won’t be a full-blown rant.

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