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My attempted Christmas carol
We wait upon the word

We wait upon the day

When the great Almighty God

Shall wash our sins away

We look for the anointed

We look for David’s son

From the tribe of Judah

Yahweh’s Chosen one.

Here we shepherds keep our flock

Protected and secure

When He comes, so will we be

No hardship to endure

In the full of darkness

Upon one moonless night

Amazed and bewildered we saw

A fearful, wondrous sight

A host of angels singing

Proclaiming mercy came.

The promised one in Bethlehem

Salvation is His name.

That host of angels praising God

Exhorted us to see

A newborn in a manger

Wrapped in rags, not glory.

We marveled at the vision.

Compelled, we left to find

The newly born Messiah

Savior of mankind.

We found him in a stable

That smelled of dung and hay.

His humble parents told us

There was nowhere else to stay.

There he slept, God’s chosen one,

The promised king, our Lord.

The newborn in a lowly place

Here to fulfill God’s word.

We hastened to the crowded town

As soon as the sun rose.

We told everyone we met.

Now all Bethlehem knows

Some folks believe and some deny

God works among the small,

And poor, and weak of Israel.

We have no doubt at all.

We are shepherds. Sheep are weak.

They wander off, then fall,

We vigilantly care for them

And when they’re lost, we call.

People, too, need shepherding

And all lost lambs found.

Sheep need still water to drink

And fertile pasture ground.

Moses and David were shepherds.

God sent the babe for this field.

The greatest shepherd over all.

Was to shepherds revealed.

Here on these hills we stand

To watch the flock this night

Waiting for dawn’s arrival

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