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by Linz
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest · #2176920
Flash Fiction contest entry.
I opened the curtains and paused mid-stretch as I gazed in wonderous disbelief at the scenery outside. Overnight, the landscape had been transformed. Fluffy white clouds skipped across an otherwise azure sky, just as it had every morning since we moved here. But that was where the familiar ended. Fences, outhouses, and the branches of trees were topped with an inch of snow, and the ground was white and crisp with virgin snow. Far below, on the beach, snow covered sand, coming to a sudden stop at the shore.

A smile spread across my face as stared at the wintery scene. I sensed movement behind me, and knew it had to be my husband. The aroma of freshly ground coffee invaded my nostrils. The smile increased.

"Nathan, have you seen the snow?"

"Yes. . ." He didn't sound as happy as I was.

I twisted around to stare at him. He took the opportunity to hand me my mug. I thanked him, but I wouldn't be distracted.

"Oh, come on!" I chided. "Think of the fun - snowball fights, snow angels, building a snowman. What's to frown about?"

"Apart from the obvious fact that sooner or later, snow turns to ice?"

I nodded, suddenly wary

"We're in Malaysia Alex. It shouldn't have been snowing."
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