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Rated: XGC · Short Story · Erotica · #2177045
Nathen encounters his former high school sweetheart at their former hang out.
The server’s head turned, giving Nathen a better look at his face. Nathen almost dropped the glass he was bringing to his lips.

The beard was new but the smile that touched deep blue eyes was a dead giveaway. Those eyes met Nathen’s and the laughter stopped. The full lips he kissed so many times closed into a firm line. Nathen averted his gaze but it was too late. Shane straightened and made his way over. In an attempt to bolster his own courage Nathen drained what remained of his drink. His throat and cheeks burned from the abrupt maneuver.

“Didn’t expect to see you here.” Shane folded his arms as he approached the table. His gaze lowered to the empty glass. “Want another?”

“No, thanks,” Nathen said. “I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d check out the old haunt.”

“Visiting your mom for the holidays?” Shane asked.

“Yes,” Nathen said. “You work here?”

“I started after the summer we graduated,” Shane said. “It’s how I’m paying for my Carpentry degree.”

“Oh, right.” Nathen felt the collar of his shirt tighten. He unbuttoned the top button to gain some air. “How have you been?”

“Fine,” Shane said. He settled onto the stool across from Nathen. A young server materialized from nowhere and set a beer in front of Shane.
“Thanks, Don.”

“You’re welcome.” The boy smiled as though Shane gave him the best compliment ever. He stood waiting for something.

“Don, why don’t you bring this guy some water?” Shane suggested. “He looks thirsty.”

“Yes, Sir!” Don hurried off to do Shane’s bidding.

“He likes you,” Nathen said. “Are you two--?”

“Oh, no!” Shane shook his head. “He’s only seventeen.”

Don set a glass of water in front of Nathen. The two men drank in silence. Their hands joined in the center of the table. Shane withdrew his and stepped down off the stool. “I get off in an hour.”

An hour later Nathen was pinned to the bench seat of Shane’s late model Ford. Shane’s whiskers scraped his smooth skin as their tongues dueled. The feel of a hard bulge against his hip made Nathen want. He reached between them and rubbed Shane through his black dress pants.

“You want that?” Shane breathed in his ear. “I thought you weren’t interested in me anymore.”

“Shane, I’m sorry,” Nathen said. His hand continued to stroke the growing bulge.

“Are you?” Shane straightened and unzipped. He adjusted himself so the long column of erect flesh protruded from his fly. He encircled it with his hand and stroked. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes,” Nathen said. He shifted so he knelt beside Shane. Lowering into a prostrate position he slid his mouth over the crown above Shane’s stroking hand. The grunt of male satisfaction and a hand stroking the back of his head encouraged him. Using his saliva as lube he took more into his mouth and sucked.

“Ah, Nate, that feels so good!” Shane’s fingers curled into the short length of hair on Nathen’s head and pulled him off. Pressing his mouth to his he filled the void with a seeking tongue. “We’ll finish this at my place.”
Nathen didn’t argue as he buckled his seat belt. When they got to Shane’s home he was lead back to a bedroom. Their battle of tongues persisted as they undressed each other. Breaking long enough to remove Shane’s work polo. As they lay on the bed, Shane drew Nathen’s semi-erect organ into his mouth. Nathen writhed as he stiffened to full mast.

“How long has it been?” Shane scooted up beside Nathen and rolled him so he faced away. He circled the other man’s anus with a finger.

“I …” Nathen paused. He didn’t want to tell Shane about Braiden.

“Nate, I need to know if you need some preparation,” Shane said. “Just tell me when the last time was.”

“Shortly before break,” Nathen said.

“So, just some lube then,” Shane said.

Nathen squeezed his eyes shut and nodded. The feel of KY being rubbed on the exterior and slid inside with a finger made him moan. Shane was careful not to touch the prostate. Nathen’s eyes popped open as he felt Shane enter. It was slow and deliberate. He felt himself opening and making room. One arm wrapped around him while a hand massaged his cock.

It was just like the first time. He was gentle and kind. Nathen expected something more rough and punishing. The unexpected tenderness brought tears to his eyes. Why did I let him go? He buried his face in a pillow to muffle moans of pleasure mixed with soft sobs of regret as Shane released inside him.

“Did I hurt you?” Shane asked as he wiped tears from Nathen’s cheeks with his thumbs.

“No,” Nathen said.

“Then why--?”

“Because I hurt you.” Nathen pushed himself up and kissed Shane with all of his heart. “I’m so sorry.”

“You said that earlier.” Shane laid back on the bed and drew Nathen into his arms. “I’ve forgiven you. Otherwise I wouldn’t have brought you here tonight.”

“I figured this was some sort of revenge,” Nathen said.

“Not my style,” Shane said.

Word Count: 865
© Copyright 2018 Ginevra Navazio (jlh1982 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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