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Each word strung along by the hand of an author tells a story like no other
I think it funny to tell a story
When all the characters are so plain and boring.
To tell a tale without fail -
It’s a skill only the best can entail.

Verses woven between scripted lines
Tell a story of crafted lies.
Lead the narrative with bursting liveliness
Express the words through your motions
Capture young hearts in a veil of happiness.

Why tell a story when there is no glory?
There must be joy, sadness, or madness.
However written is up to you -
Of course, you’ll always bid the past adieu.

Entranced with the spell of fantasy;
Readers follow along in mindless ecstasy.
To disappear like Alice within Wonderland,
Following the narrator’s ever leading hand.

And with the assurance of a prophet, I’ll tell you a secret.
Grasp the quill, dear author, for this story will be yours
And feel free to roam this fantasy land
for this journey will never be bland.

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