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Construct Cup. Back in the day, only one way to Grandma's...
Theme: Currier & Ives Christmas. Write a rhyming poem that takes us back in time to a Currier & Ives kind of Christmas. (Google Currier & Ives if you aren't familiar with them.) Think simpler times, family oriented. Togetherness. No cell phones, video games or TV.

Words to use: harness, candle, envelope, stick
Forbidden words: auto, car, TV, cellphone, video, computer, internet,

Back in the Day

We'd leave before dawn; Dad would put us sleeping in the sleigh,
bury us in blankets lest we get cold along the way.
Twenty miles to Grandma's house, four hours if it was clear.
Couldn't wait to get to Grandma's -- for we only went once a year.

The horses would trot down trails,over snow dawn turned misty blue
once awake, we'd all be singing every Christmas song we knew.
Got to get there early, help Grampa in the barn,
Loved to go to their house, early Christmas morn.

Harness bells a ringing as we went upon our way,
Candles burned bright in carrage lamps to light our Christmas Day.
Warm bricks kept feet toasty, as we nestled in like mice,
and we knew to be good, Papa never asked twice.

We'd arrive 'with bells on'; Grandma'd hear us down the lane
as we turned the corner between Ferry Street and Main.
Every window would be filled with light,
not frugal on Christmas, candles everywhere burned bright.

Her home like a beacon on wintery sea,
with hot chocolate waiting for my brother and me.
We helped my Papa unlead the sleigh
before running inside to get warm and play.

Grandma's tree stood straight and tall,
in the front window, seen by all.
Wooden toys and balls from her home 'cross the sea,
perched in the branches, a real sight to see.

Grandma wrapped presents in fabric scraps,
usually practical: a new dress or pants, socks and caps.
She made bows of ribbon, sometimes lace
which were carefully saved, nothing e'er went to waste.

Grampa would make us each a toy he carve in wood.
One year he made me an angel: He said I'd been extra good!
Time for dinner: the house smelled divine
as we feasted on turkey, (the drumstick was mine!)

When all the dishes were washed up and put away,
was time for charades -- a game we would play.
Enveloped in family, warmed with cheer:
Loved going to Grandma's every year.

I wished she didn't live so far away
yet that was the best present on Christmas Day!

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