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A story about my program "Hey! Let's Get Your Book Written".
Not everything works out the way you want it to, but you live and learn. Last year I took advantage of a free coaching call with one of my group leaders. Now, if you have been following this blog, you know that I started out just looking for a way to promote my books. I had heard that the key to making money was to offer a program to your group. Until that coaching call, creating a program was not something I seriously thought about. I was an author, not a coach. But that one conversation changed everything.

During my coaching call I realized that my books did not have to be the only thing that I contributed to the world, and I really started to consider a program. I thought and thought. I published two books while I was thinking and began writing a third. About half way through the third book I realized that I had written two books and was published on Amazon. I was a published author, and both books had taken me a week to write. I could share that skill with my community. I have read a few books by business people and saw that writing a book about your expertise could be an excellent way to attract clients to your business. Many of the people in my group happened to be business people. I started on my new program.

I thought up a positive headline full of energy: “Hey! Let’s Get Your Book Written”. It was supposed to be a program that walked someone through writing a book. I had won a free program when I took part in a Facebook challenge and liked how this program ran. I decided to structure my own program along those lines. Facebook groups are a good place to run challenges and programs, so I decided that a Facebook group would be ideal. I had written a book called “The Ultimate Writer’s Walk Through”, and decided, instead of publishing it, to use the posts for my program tasks. I created a meme for the advertisement post which I ran in my own group and in the groups I am a member of. It would be simple to do and attractive, or so I believed.

I even started advertising a sales price. For anyone who signed up for the program before the launch date, the program would cost just $1500.00. Anyone who joined the program at the launch date would pay the entire price of $2000.00, and this was supposed to be the regular price.

This did not quite work out. There were no takers. All I heard was crickets. After changing the launch date twice I gave up on the whole program. I am creating another program for the current group.

I haven’t given up, and I hope to offer “Hey! Let’s Get Your Book Written” to my current group.

I learned a valuable lesson from all this: Keep going. If you keep trying you will eventually have success, it might just take a while.
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