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As an assignment for my creative writing class, we had to do an impression piece.
Why I Live (inspired by Major Jackson's, "Why I Write Poetry")

Because someone once said “Life's a climb, but the view is great”
Because I have reached for the stars and only caught three
Because removing my bra to free my chest in one swift move gives me the same sensation as having just the right amount of salsa on my tortilla chip
Because every time I make my mother laugh I feel a gratification like no other
Because I can finish nine seasons of The Office in two days without judgment
Because both iced coffee and hot tea are perfect any time of the year
Because in eighth grade I had my first kiss to a boy I don’t quite remember to a song I’ll never forget
Because a grilled cheese sandwich taste different when someone else makes it for me
Because meaningless art still somehow holds so much truth
Because the smell of the air after it rains should be made into a candle, but no one has perfected the science for it yet
Because my father told me that dying is bad for my health
Because when I walk to class I accidentally step to the beat of Adele’s “Chasing Pavements” and all of a sudden I’m in a music video before my chemistry test
Because I have yet to learn where words like fuck and shit come from, who decided they were bad, and why they feel so good to yell
Because for some reason food tastes better outside in the sunshine
Because when I’m in the shower my shampoo is actually a microphone and I’m singing for a million drops of water who are really my fans
Because I have endless dreams in the night and don’t even remember what they were about when I wake up
Because I still take my minor league mitt to major league games
Because my grandmother’s hugs are both suffocating and tender
Because sometimes it feels better to just cry
Because just thinking of my lover turns me into an insect zoo, my stomach full of butterflies, my ears buzzing like bees, and my skin turning jittery like an army of ants
Because I can make my own happiness
Because every story I write is a different life I get to live
Because both old men and babies can be handsome
Because my sister loved cheap Ramen, girlish boy bands, running in circles, and taking naps, but not necessarily in that order
Because there is enough blue in the sky to make up for the fact there are not enough blue flowers
Because there are a million mistakes I have yet to make
Because we make wishes on giant flaming rocks in space and on burning sticks of wax on top of desserts
Because someone somewhere just had the best day of their life
Because sneezes can be orgasmic and sex can be funny
Because when you hold a seashell to your ear, you can really hear the ocean
Because I want to see that view.
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