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by Rach
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2177109
Logan Felix Clarice and April go way back in time. To last year and try to save the world.
Time Chapter Seven
"Logan opened his eyes he successfully jumped with Felix and the Girls. The Boxroom timeline they was in.

April:Ohh Logan hurry we have to jump after we get out with Clarice and Felix.
Logan:Yeah okay let's settle this puzzle first.

"They solved the Boxroom puzzle and they jumped out the tops. Clarice and Felix made it out the same time."
"Clarice and April held hands."

April:We need to jump before the others get out.
Felix:What timeline do we jump.
Logan:We need to jump in time before we even decided to even get this moon traveling business even happens.
Clarice:And the nucular war.
Felix:So year 3000 then.

They heard a door open and they gasped.


"A Jump."
"April 3,3000. Logan opened his eyes he was in his bedroom waking up and he stood up and he took a shower and then he dressed as his officer uniform."
"He felt that he needed to remember something."
"A knock on his door. Logan got it. And there stood his half brother Felix."

Logan:Slash..We need to get to the Office...
Felix:Don't You remember Logan? The Girls and others?
Logan:Uhh...Ohh yeah yeah where do you think they all are at?
Felix:I don't know but the Girls could be doing anything before we were chosen for this absurd misson.

"Logan and Felix rushed out of the apartment and Felix got into his car and he started the car and he grunted when he backed up and he drove away and down the road."

Logan:What about the others?
Felix:The others may be at their jobs or somewhere.
Logan:We have to find them.

"Felix stopped the car at the sudden red light. Logan and Felix gasped."
"And he put his head on the wheel."

Felix:Grrr I hate sudden red lights.
Logan:No worry these are quick lights.

"They got on the move again. And Felix stopped the car. They looked at the coffee shop. There stood Dane and Mani."
"They owned their own coffee shop. Mr. And Mrs."

Felix:Should we interrupt their business day?
Logan:They stop at five..We need to be back before anybody even triggers their interest for the Moon mission.

"Felix drove away. Even and Ann where could they be? They need to find out. And April and Clarice. But do they remember them? Logan wondered they needed to find out."
"Even Ison was working his day shift at the Zion Lion. A Bakery and Felix told Logan they should talk to him."
"They walked inside and Evan looked up and he smiled."

Evan:Good morning how can I help you...
Felix:Evan Ison we need to tell you something.
Evan:Uh do I know you?
Logan:There is a accident going to happen in Phoenix State..
Felix:Mostly in Phoenix State.
Evan:Ummm sorry I don't speak psycho.
Felix:No you have to understand there will be a nucular war and there will be survivors on a mission to survive on the Moon.
Logan:You Ann Dane Mani April and Clarice are with us in a fifty bellow building and we have to survive or get killed..
Evan:Wait how do you know my Ann...Did you say April and Clarice?
Logan:Their our companions...
Felix:Girlfriends actually.

"Evan raised an eye brow. Then he looked at his boss."

Evan:Um I'm going on break!

"Evan got into the car and Felix drove off. Then they went to a restruant."

Logan:Now we need to get your fianc'ee Dane and Mani...
Felix:And the Girls.

"Evan looked dazed at Logan and Felix in their uniforms. How do they know the Girls and Ann and him accounted for."

Logan:Evan listen to me. Where is Ann at?
Evan:Why should I tell you?
Felix:It is very important that we know please tell us where your fianc'ee is at.
Evan: P-Please...
Logan: Please we have to know.

"Evan looked at his salad. His feelings with this news has gotten him feeling very confused."

Logan: Please...Where-Is She?
Evan:The Memorian Book Store on Cid Street.

"Felix and Logan looked at each other. Then back at Evan."

Evan:So tell me again what is going to happen to Phoenix State?
Felix:There will be a nucular war but that's all we know.
Logan:April and Clarice has not told us much but we are sent to the Moon by a being and we need to not join the Night Survival Project.
Evan:I see.
Felix:Do you know where April and Clarice works?
Evan:They work in the..The uhh flower shop on main street.
Logan:That's our next move then.
Felix:What about Evan and Ann?
Logan:We'll get the Girls and then Evan can decide if we are telling the truth or not.
Evan:Wait believe me I am on board but..What about the Girls..And Dane and Mani you said?
Felix:We have found them at their coffee shop.
Logan:The Mr. and Mrs.
Evan:Ah me and Ann met there for coffee every lunch break we had.
Logan:Yes well that will have to change.

"Back in the car. Evan asked that if he can change back into his clothes. Logan and Felix allowed him."
"Evan got changed and they got back into the car and they went off. To the flower shop on main street then book store. Then finally Mr. and Mrs."

April:Have a good day.

"Logan Felix and Evan walked in. April looked up. And she gasped."

April:Logan! And Felix and Evan..Oh good good good.
Clarice:Who's here? Oh hi handsome. We have been pretending to survive the day until the men for the Night Survival Project has come for us to ask for the Moon travel.
Logan:Well Girls your work is now with us.

"The door opened then two men walked though. Logan and Felix frowned. Evan stared."

Man:Ah miss Fayround miss Sweetwater we have a opportunity for the both of you.
Clarice:Sorry we do not want anything to do with Night Survival Project before the war happens.
Man 2:What...Ah...
Man:We are not for the war that might happen.
Evan:It does happen.
Man:So you believe..
Man 2:These people...Ah we are here to give so...
Felix:The ladies said no. Now get out.
Man:We shall not forget this coppers.

"They left. Logan looked at April then kissed his lips and wrapped her arms around his neck and Logan moaned."

April:I'm so happy our time jump worked.
Clarice:A year back to be exact.
Logan:Now all we have to do....Is stop the war from ever happening.
Evan:Logan..Your time travelers not place travelers.
Logan:April explain everything in the car. Clarice you help.
Felix:You might want to close this store down for a while babe.

"They rushed to the car. Logan driving April up front Felix Clarice and Evan in the two back seats."
"Felix held Clarice's hand as Logan sped through the red lights. Heading to Mr. and Mrs."

Logan:Date of happening.
April:November 19,3000.
Logan:And what about the Night Survival Project?
Clarice:They plan to use us to survive at their base and we have to train to see if we qualify for the Moon mission which we did.
Felix:Slow down Logan! This car is police property.
Logan:Yes well this mission is about getting the last three in this car and drive finding who starts this nucular war at November.

"Logan drove through the last red light and heading straight to Mr. and Mrs."
"Dane and Mani looked at the paper two men in suits wore gave to them. Before closing time."

Mani:Should we join Night Survival Project?
Dane:I don't know...It sounds interesting.
Mani:Perhaps we should think this through when we get home have a nice shower and nice dinner.
Dane:Yeah...Maybe we should join.
Logan:You won't have to join at all Dane Dawson.

"Dane and Mani gasped seeing everyone."

Dane:Officers Wolf and Conquer....What are you doing here?
Felix:We are here to get you two into our group of people to stop the nucular war from happening.
Mani:That is only rumored in the news...
Clarice:It does happen I'm afraid.
April:Along with all of us in a fifty feet down building on the Moon.
Dane:I don't..I don't understand.
Logan:Please let us take you all home so you all can refresh yourselves and we must find the cause of the nucular war.

"Dane looked at Mani and they got up And walked to the door. Mani picked up the paper."
"Felix took it from her fingers."

Felix:You won't be needing that Mani.

"He crumbles the paper and threw it in the trash. Then Felix drove Dane and Mani to their home. And they got dressed. Later drove to Evan's apartment and Evan told Ann everything as they got dressed."

Ann:And you wish to go along with this?
Evan:Hey if they say it will happen it will happen..Remember what happened to us five years ago? It will happen if we trust in those people.

"Ann touched his rough stubble and she kissed his lips and moaned in their kiss."

Ann:I trust you Evan.
Evan:Annlena thank you.

"They got down stairs and holding their suitcases. And back into the car and to Dane and Mani's home. Same thing. Then with the Girls clothes and Felix's and Logan's."
To Be Continued...
© Copyright 2018 Rach (rachel999 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2177109