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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2177137
Fantasy Love story Poem

Tales oft told of a Tower
Found on a forsaken island
Surrounded by a waveless sea
Forever under an endless night

A place between here and there
Twisted and treacherous
Hidden from the rest of us, there in slept
The Tower of Unbroken Chain

Creatures of night
Loomed overhead
The full Moons light
Danced with the Dead

Below the listless sea
Its unbroken surface
Reflected its purpose
Filled with still water graves

Dark as a shadow
Forged from obsidian
The Tower of Unbroken Chain
Silently guarded the lost and forgotten

Those who have abandoned their faith
A wanderer stood lost in reflection
Had stumbled upon a black haird Raven
Her dark feathers spread wide

Her silver eyes gazed up at the sky
Yerning but unable to take flight
The wanderer had fallen
In love with just an embrace

One obstacle then another
The lovers did struggle
Each step harder
And harder to take

The Raven Exhausted
Had fallen and tore her wing
She questioned the Wanderer
Worried she'd made a mistake

Let pass this endless night, she said
Give your light away I beg
I fear there is no escape
The Tower is sure to awake

This is our Love Story, he replied
And tended her wing
We must leave our doubts behind
Have faith, the light shall find us

The Raven cawed out in rage
You must stay here, she cried
We are the forsaken
The light is not for our salvation

The Wanderer, his broken heart
Rested upon his sleeve
He softly smiled
And slowly turned away

Toward the still water
And its many graves
The Tower of Unbroken Chain
Shook its still unbrocken chains

A breath of fire, A sign of life
Brought forth
Between these worlds
On this very night

Upon the horizon
A day yet forgotten
The Suns mighty light
Called out

The Ravens heart Cawed
Her feathers unsettled
She spread her wings
And took to the night

She rushed back
Toward her lonesome fate
Embraced by obsedian
The Tower of unbrocken chain

Lost in reflection
The Wanderer just bowed
A warm tear, rolled down
Yet quickly frosted over

Unspoken his vows
The Shadow of the Raven Howled
The Wanderer you see
While lost was not Forgotten

Come forth from this darkness
My old friend, so says the Sun
Whose rays gently warm his face
Walk past thy deadline, take my hand

Welcome my son
To another land
Among the stars and light
To the other side of night

You have no need to fear
This place your new home
Earth I know
In time you will Embrace
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