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Stan is ready for bed, but will he do it?
Who's Been Sleeping in Your Bed... - V2

In the glow of the living room's dim lamp, Stan lounged in his recliner keenly aware of its spell. How those invisible arms embraced him forcing sleep upon him. The sounds from the big screen television soon became distant murmurs in the back of his mind. He'd had a hard day in the field preparing his crops ready for harvesting, and this evening, his body insisted on rest. He drifted off.

Before he knew it, his eyes popped open and he stared at the television. Some guy was spouting off about the feature inside his new Dodge truck.Â
Damn commercial. That was his cue to take his tired butt to bed. His knees popped as he stood, but he paid it no mind. They always popped when he stood. He switched off the television, and for a moment, surveyed the living room to find his way upstairs in the dark before switching off the lamp.

Feeling confident he wouldn't trip over anything to wake his wife, a groan escaped once he switched off the living room lamp. Darkness enveloped the room except for a lonely stream of light from a distant streetlamp. He stayed sure footed as he climbed the stairs, grabbing the railing for balance just in case. Up on the landing, he turned toward the bedroom door and felt around for the doorknob.

He twisted it and gave a gentle push. The alarm clocks sitting on nightstands on each side of the bed were his beacons and lit his way. He tiptoed in not wanting to wake his wife, but he heard the covers shift.

"Stan, where'd you go?"

"I'm sorry, honey. I was trying not to wake you."

"I felt you get out of bed a little while ago."

"But I just now came upstairs."

"No, you were lying next to me, then you got up."

"That wasn't me." He heard the covers retreat and the bed springs squeak.

She'd sat up and said, "Then who was lying next to me?"

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