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The start of an unknown journey
“Hun, we need to get going or we are going to be late! Are you even awake?” The brunette was ready to beat their significant other as they entered the lightless master bedroom. They wasted no time in forcing the rather over sized curtains open, revealing the mostly set sun and in turn filling the room with the dusk’s faint light. A rather quiet groan came from the blanket-covered lump on the queen-sized bed. The brunette let out a low growl and stomped his way to the bed, rather angrily pulling the blanket off the lump, revealing his partner, half-asleep and fully-dressed.

“You better wake up mister. I hope you haven’t forgotten about your audition today.” The blonde partner shot his eyes wide open and jumped out of bed. He frantically searched around the room, very apparent he had misplaced something of high value to him.

“Hun. Your ring is right here. Your shoes are at the door.” The brunette held out his pale hand, holding what appeared to be an onyx ring with a rather large, unpolished, amethyst embedded in it. The blonde let out an audible sigh of relief, taking the ring and slipping it hurriedly onto his left middle finger, adjusting it so the gem faced outwards.

“Aren’t you forgetting something else, Duskero?” The blonde smirked at his partner.

“Not at all Draken. All I’m missing is my shoes and we can-EEK!” The unamused brunette, Draken, gave his partner a quick jab at Duskero’s side before he could finish. Duskero rolled his eyes rather exaggeratedly before placing a gentle kiss on Draken’s cheek. He made a quick glance the clock before darting out of the room and too the front door of the two-bedroom, one-story house. Draken was right behind him, grabbing the car keys and opening the door, allowing Duskero to hop out of the house on one shoed foot while fighting to get his other shoe on. Draken, trying not to laugh at the comical scene, unlocked the car, opening the rear, driver-side door of the charcoal black, Nissan Altima. Duskero took the hint and took his stubborn shoe in hand, diving rather sloppily into the back seat. Draken swiftly closed the door behind him and slipped into the driver seat. The car started with a soft purr and then roared the action as Draken pressed rather firmly on the gas, sending the car backwards into the street. He switched the car into drive forcefully enough for the car to groan in response, wasting no time in speeding off towards the convention center.

“He’s late. Again.” She grumbled looking between her watch and the patiently waiting, crowd filled bleachers.

“His phone shows him pulling up now. So, would you give it a break Trisha?” The rather oversized male retorted, sending Trisha into a silent rant. Robert smiled brightly as he saw the blonde in question running towards the clearing. The crowd began clapping calmly as Duskero caught his breath, facing both Trisha and Robert as well as the crowds. Trisha, still looking annoyed, leaned forward to her microphone.

“Nice of you to join us Mr. Lillanty. I assume this year you will actually give us a proper show of your technological skill?” Duskero crossed his arms and looked to Robert, not wanting to look at the judge who had decided to cut him the past two times he attempted to prove himself.

“I believe what my colleague meant to say was; we can’t wait to see what you have come up with this year. I assume your lighting equipment is in place?” Robert slowly moved the microphone away from Trisha before she could say anything else.

“No equipment this year Rob. Just me.” Duskero smiled excitedly, spinning the ring on his ringer and holding up his hand to show it off. Robert gave a confused look but merely assumed it was all part of the show. Without wanting to delay anymore, Robert gave Duskero a nod, cueing him to begin.

“I assume you all are wondering why we must be outside. Well its simple. How else can you see a space display from inside?” With that, every light in a two-mile radius shut off, causing the once void of a sky, to light up with countless stars, normally invisible in the lights of the skyline.

“Our universe is quite something. Well, rather than just talk about it, let me give you a demonstration.” Duskero pointed his middle and point finger at what seemed to be a gap in the stars. He turned his hand palm up and curled both fingers simultaneously. As he did so, a bright light began to emerge. The light continued to grow until it was about the size of the moon. With a quick flick of the wrist, the object began travelling at a steady pace, across the sky, leaving a brilliantly bright white trail behind it. Using both pointer fingers, Duskero made a separating motion, the object following suit and creating a blue and violet version of itself. Glancing towards the audience and judges, everyone seemed to be entranced, giving him time to reposition to the far-right side of the stage like space.

“Comets. Merely frozen rocks that orbit our sun. Speaking of which, has anyone seen a star explode? Its like a cosmic firework.” As he spoke, Duskero was making motions in the air, much like he was tracing something. AS suddenly as the supposed comets had appeared, the sky was filled with yet another light in a set of three. Three beams of light, red, green, and blue, stretched across the sky, uninterrupted and nearly perfect in shape.

“That is what super nova look like when forced to travel in a single direction rather than in a spherical explosion. Though if the binds restricting them released…” Duskero snapped his fingers, the arks expanding, merging and becoming more of a true explosion. With a wave of his hand, as if he was wiping off a white-board, everything vanished, the lights coming back on. The crowd roared with cheers and applause, rising to their feet. Duskero smiled appreciatively before looking to a dumbfounded Trisha and a speechless Robert. Duskero bowed respectfully and took the microphone from the stage hand. It took a bit before either judge could find their tongues.

“I-I don’t know what to say. Other than that, was simply amazing! You have to tell us what equipment you used!” Duskero tilted his head in confusion at Robert’s comment.

“I told you guys, there was no… “, Duskero was cut off by Draken joining him on stage and taking the mic.

“No way he could have done it without the support I give him!” Draken interrupted him. Duskero smiled a bit, hugging his partner. Robert laughed a bit and waved it off.

“Well I think I speak for both of us when I say you are going through to the next round.” Robert stood and clapped as Duskero jumped up and down, cheering happily.
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