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What God's blessing can look like
My sister told me how my nephew was getting gifts from different people. He received a scooter from his dad’s friend. Another person gave him a few books he wanted. Someone else gave him pens he wanted. In a week’s period, he received several unexpected gifts. God was using people to bless my little nephew. It was not just people who knew him but strangers as well.

After my sister finished telling me of the gifts my nephew received, we headed to the dollar store. My nephew asked my sister to buy some cars for him. She explained to him that he didn’t need the cards. As I was paying for my items, a woman in line behind me gave my nephew two dollars to buy what he wanted. My nephew paid the cashier and was given change back. The woman said something that struck me as my nephew received the change. She said, “And you have some change coming.” Not only did he get something he originally wanted but was given more.

What took place at the store reminds me of what God’s blessings can look like. His blessings at times exceed our expectations. I can relate to this. Once I was offered a job and given a starting pay that I never imagined. Just as my nephew received more than what he asked, God gave me more than what I was asking. God’s blessing surpassed my expectations. I didn’t request an amount but was offered more than I would have asked on my own.
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