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A single mom gets an impossible birthday surprise.
Reggie stood on the outside steps of the home she inherited from her parents on the south side of Chicago. She was born Reginald Storm after her father because they thought they were having a boy. Reggie was a beautiful girl who had short brown hair, tanned skin and grey eyes.

As she stood in the summer heat, she thought about her parents who were killed in a car crash three years ago. They died immediately and she was left an orphan. Although she was grown, she still considered herself an orphan.

Her back started to hurt from the weight of her unborn son she was carrying. Her due date was near but her fiancé would not witness the birth. She would never forget the day officers came to her doorstep to tell her that Lark Raines would not be coming home ever again. He was in the armed services and died in combat. His body disintegrated after a bomb blew his jeep up so there was no funeral.

Reggie loved Lark with all of her heart and his loss was still fresh. Lark was her best friend and fiancé. When she found out she was pregnant, they were ecstatic, but soon after, he left for the armed services.

She sighed as she held her back and walked into the house to sit on the sofa. As she looked around, she admired her mother’s decorative skills. The big plush orange leather sofa and love seat went perfect against the chocolate brown carpet and throw pillows scattered around the room. The chandelier that hung from the ceiling was a copper color and the actual fixtures were orange. It was an odd piece but it was beautiful.

The family piano sat across the room in the corner and thoughts of her mother playing on Sunday afternoons flooded her mind. The doorbell rang and she quickly dismissed her thoughts as she got up to greet her guests.
“Well hello Reggie girl! How are you feeling?” said her cousin Jade.

Jade was a petite young woman with shoulder length hair, hazel eyes and a big personality.

Reggie gave a bit of a frown and said, “Not too good, my back is killing me. I think I have to sit down again.”

Jade looked at her Mom, Mary and two sisters, Marnie and Nellie. They all had looks of concern on their faces.

“What?” said Reggie.

“Look girl, when your back starts hurting non-stop and you’re in your ninth month of pregnancy, this can only mean one thing. You’re going into labor and I think we better go to the hospital now!” screamed her Aunt Mary.

Aunt Mary was a slim middle aged woman of fifty who dressed like a teenager. She didn’t look her age but she certainly didn’t look like a teenager.

Nellie and Marnie looked the opposite of Aunt Mary and Jade. They were short, round twins who looked and dressed like little old maids.

“No, I’m not due for another week or so.”

Jade screamed “we’re going now, where’s your suitcase?”

Reggie wobbled down the hall to get her suitcase and fell up against the wall in pain.

Jade ran to help her and the four of them left the house and headed to the hospital.

Once inside the hospital, the nurses whisked her away and asked Jade and the rest of the family to have a seat.

Meanwhile, Reggie was upstairs screaming non-stop until a young doctor came in and gave her something to ease the pain. His name was Dr. Mannis and he was tall, slightly built and handsome.

He kept her company until the time of her son’s birth and she was grateful because she was scared. Her baby boy entered the world weighing six pounds and eight ounces looking exactly like her.

Above all, he was born on her 29th birthday and that was her best birthday present ever.

Jade and the family went upstairs to visit with Reggie and the baby. They played with him for a while and then left. Jade picked them up two days later and took them home.

Reggie named the baby Lark after his father and he was a feisty but happy baby. Reggie loved looking at him because she could already see signs of his father in his personality.

One day the doorbell rang and she looked through the peek hole and saw that it was Dr. Mannis. Reggie turned her back to the door and stayed silent. The doorbell rang again but this time she answered it.

“Why are you at my home? Who gave you my address? I don’t remember inviting you here? What do you want?” she screamed.

“I know I’m taking a big risk coming here but I could not stop thinking about you. You told me you were single so I looked up your information and here I am. I know this is very unusual but I just wanted to get to know you.”

Reggie was a little apprehensive but for some reason she started to talk to him and liked getting to know him.

Dr. Mannis became a strong presence in her life and her son grew to love him like a father. They did everything together as a family but Reggie refused to marry him. In the back of her mind her heart still belonged to Lark.

Twelve years passed and Dr. Mannis was still hanging around Reggie and Lark. They did not live together but they were always together. It was weird but that’s how Reggie wanted it.

One evening the three of them were having Reggie and Lark’s birthday dinner when the doorbell rang. Reggie got up to answer the door and saw a rugged man standing at the door smiling.

Reggie looked long and hard and when she realized who it was she fainted.
When she awakened, Lark Senior, Lark Junior and Dr. Mannis were staring her in the face.

To be continued……..

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