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This is a different take on Mississippi Senator Daniel Sweat's infamous Whiskey Speech.

My fellow concerned parents, and folks who crave something to complain about. Today I will speak about a pressing matter, having to do with one of the world's newest billion dollar industries; Video games. A medium that reaches almost every person in the western and eastern world through phones, computers, or consoles, and has created a new culture many are eager to give their unwanted and biased opinion on. In that spirit, I will also put forward my unwanted and unasked for opinion.

If by video games you mean the death of western civilization, the reason for declining birth rates..., every parent's nightmare, the excuse we use to blame for every obstacle our children might have, the ultimate male fantasy, the exposing of our children to sin and the devil, tool of losers and the freaks, the bane of all decent folks of every kind above the age of 30; Natural selection in action, the cause of violence in every teen, or an echo chamber of misogyny and white privilege, then I am against it.

But if by video games, you mean the new frontier of creativity, the bridge of reality to our child fantasy, a medium that brings together people from all backgrounds, truly unadulterated fun of any sorts, limitless potential for creation and expression, the great escape from life itself, a community that spans the world, a tool to expand our horizons and minds, and ideas that ignore all cultural boundaries. Then I am genuinely for it.

And that folks that is my unadulterated, unasked, and unwanted opinion given for you to examine and pretend that you actually care about what I'm saying.

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