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The night you passed away
I'm all alone in my bed ,
Surrounded by nothing but silence and darkness .
I lay as still as I can be ,
With voices starting to speak .
I look around to find nothing but darkness in the room .
I try to turn but my body won't move .
I start to shiver with a pain so deep ,
Stabbing me to deep .
I start rolling around ,
When my eyes caught site of your 4 dark friends ,
Hanging in the air , just staring at me .
The 1 opened his mouth ,
Trying to speak ,
But all I heard was a distant moan .
I can't hear his voice anymore and that gave me a fright .
The pain is getting worse , and now I can't breathe .
What is going on , I managed to get the words out ,
Just to hear the 4 say , that they can't help .
I asked confused , what do you mean , who needs help .
With a voice next to me answering , I'm sorry for leaving you behind all alone .
The voice made me jump ,
It was your voice .
The 4 looked at me , and looked down , as if they want to cry ,
But can't ,
They said sorry , and started to fade ,
With the last one , the strongest of the 4 , breathing 3 last words ,
We're yours now , and he started to fade .
With those words and his fading , the pain went away ,
And I could start breathing again .
Just to realize something is very wrong .

Falling asleep , just to wake up , hearing you passed away , with your last breathe you screamed tell her I love her , screaming my name out loud and saying sorry , screaming you love me ,
Was your last breath in this world ...
The Night you passed away ,
Is the night I died ...
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