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by cobba
Rated: E · Draft · Action/Adventure · #2177538
as kraoin makes improvements at his base the survivers have a diffrent plan
Voooooooouhhhhh whispered the engines as the survivors landed on the psychic planet of clairvoyant. The night stars and willows surrounding them it was peaceful, but their eyes were almost immediately looked toward krains base. “Let's continue there waiting for us” said jagger, there broude leader. “Thump” “thump” “thump” as they marched through the leaves.

They were surrounded by willows, fireflies and fog down on their feet. But the fog raised to their heads they couldn't see but it disappeared as fast as it came. But a clump of it didn't leave and the fireflies surrounded it, it took shape of… Apatite she was beautiful, she stepped down as she touched his cheek and looked at him the big tough man a single tear went down touched the fog then it disappeared. He missed her so much.

Just then scar ran up to him” search team”jagger looked at him in full focus ”were” as scar pointes the way jagger tells scar to tack the men i'll handle this. As they all clear out he gets into position hands glowing with a air like substance he approaches them to men with weapons the second they see him they cour in fear but eventually fire, jagger doesn't flinch the physical lightning hits a invisible wall barely visible only when it's hit, he walks slowly and grbs on by the neck and says” you will stop this search, you will leave get in a ship and krain will not find about about this. When there out of sight he drops his shields energy is out he still runs off to there base

Cold, afraid adrenaline pumping gasping jagger was standing there on brooklyn hill as he faced down as the bright lights shined everywhere. Looking down he saw Krain wondering, looking “but for what ?” said jagger to himself.

“Gather all available troops we attack when crane ship starts to load up, they won't see it coming” said jagger without turning around

¨jagger there is a lack of weapons the soldiers are outnumbered we can't make it even if we tryde¨ said scar in worrie

¨the difference is they are robots we are men we are soldiers who think alike, we will win because we are flesh and blood we will win because we have magic and that is what binds us and this organisation together. Don't worry i would never risk it if I wasn't 100% certain¨ said jagger to scar but still loud enough for everyone to here

“Ok” scar responded

Vooooooooooobahhh screeched the engines nearby everyone out we end this today said jagger with carisma jagger made platforms strong and sturdy small speeders that could only hold 2 men started up and went the wind and engines combining to make a unique sound of thousands more than was there sirens blaring the camp saw them, “the command ship was almost out” screamed scar so he could be heard above the sirens “WERE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT” “yes… we… will” said scar with charisma as a black portal opens with purple outline and closed as fast as it opened and as jagger looked off at a distance there he was on krains ship he wasn't going to let him go again jagger thought to himself.

As the rest of the army makes down to the enemy camp soldiers of bots await their arrival giant gait keepers 2 20 feet high one evessi uses her water magic to eliminate both guards as they go through the ocean of water. When they make it in thousands of bots and worried shop keepers greet them, weapons strong jaggers army uses cruiser cannons install into their bikes to fire bomb buttits, BOOM BANG, again and again as constant cruisers shoot and bots constantly getting destroyed in groups of 1-5 as melee bots attack with brute force never making it close enough to make a single hit. And long range bots fire, but jaggers shields hold up, keeping taser bullets out

“Where's scar” shouts a warrior as the smoke cleared. After a few seconds a ship exploded shards and flames everywhere and hidden in the rubble scar comes out un scaved.

Everyone was quite as they broke the silents with a immedient celebracion.

“Clap” “clap” “clap” they all turn around to see krain he had sick psychopathic look in his eyes and a wide smile across his face staring right at jagger

“You think you won?” krain said laughing

“Yes you have nothing to back you up at a radius of 1000 miles” siad scar as krain lost his smile

“Please scar it's all about…” said krain with a pause “perception” said krain as his smile returned

All their eyes open widen krain is the only one with a different expression as the ground starts to rumble

“Just like last time this world will die and i will escape leaving you to find me once again” says krain as he walks away into a ship vooooobahhhhhh roared the engines as he escapes they all look at eachother keith steps in and uses his rock duplication magic to bind the earth together as rock rises from the ground… a pillar it opens on the top obsidian goes to the top and catches krains ship the planet didn't die krain was at last caught.
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