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The poetry that taught me much
A day of silence

"She lost her sense of light,
She might not make it home tonight..."

Yes! She really wanna make that statement true,
She don't want a life where there's nothing to do.
She just wanna go to sleep and never wake up,
Left many things behind; no scope to catch up.
Travelling on an endless road,
Far from the happy abode.
No one to guide, no one to accompany,
Listening to her own silent symphony.

Occupied with her own thoughts,
Trying to find from those scattered blocks,
That stone of happiness,
That stick of enjoyment,
That spark of ecstasy,
Together to light up the fire of life.
To light up that dark road,
And switch to the active mode.
Come out from that bleak world,
Find a key to delete that word,
Which spelled loneliness,
Which overshadowed happiness,
Which attracted sadness,
And offended togetherness.

Far away she saw a crowd,
To reach them, her voice wasn't that loud.
She marched in that way,
Where the tune of enjoyment play.
In the middle of that crowd she stood,
But didn't knew, speak, what she should.
All other voices echoed,
But that one voice didn't showed.

She lost that opportunity too,
All of them vanished like a dew.
It was her fault, she surely knew.
But didn't knew, to change herself,
What she should do.

From that crowd, one person stayed,
Who made her realise her mistake.
Who talked to her for many days,
That was the happy time of her life,
But soon all those talks, also lacked spice.
And again, she was back to her narrow path.

That person left, but those thoughts, those moments, those talks,
Were an integral part.
She was left, with more thoughts,
In her brimmed heart.

And once again she was alone,
And once again she had that thought,
And once again she tried,
But this time, the plan worked out,
And she went to a peaceful place,
Left behind those lonely days...
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