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A little lesson in what happens when you remodel a haunted house.
Next to our cast iron bathtub, the upstairs was the coldest place in the house. So, around 1972 Mom and Dad decided the upstairs would be a little warmer if they laid carpet down the stairs and through the hallway.

The first night after the carpet was laid is one we’ll never forget. We had all gone to bed, lights were out, and it was quiet as a mouse. It wasn’t long before we heard the vinyl sliding door open. Then, came the sound of someone trying to rip up the carpet.
Mom jokingly said, “Mr. Titus must not like the new carpet.” It was funny, and I laid in bed giggling and enjoying Mr. Titus being frustrated over the new addition.

The next morning, Dad went down to inspect the carpet and see if there was any damage. He found the sliding door ajar, something it couldn’t do on its own. Several steps up from the door, he found where Mr. Titus had been pulling at the strands of carpet. He’d only pulled in that one area and had successfully loosened the carpet from the stair.

I guess Mr. Titus felt he had made his opinion of the carpet known, because that was the last time he tried to remove it.
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