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by Kiim
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Movie Review : Three Idiots

This is India comedy movie. There are three main characters in this movie; Raju, Farhan, and Rancho. They entered ICE which is the top university in India. Rancho is the main character. He is smart and resist their education environment. Raju is poor person and have responsible to take care of their family, so he have to get a nice job after he graduated. Farhan loved to take picture, but he did not have any option to choose his major because he father wanted him to become a engineer. There is another person, who is their university principal. Students called him Virus. He always think reputation of school. This movie deal with heavy story about education with comedy. The school force students to memorize every thing for their grade. This movie criticizes the current education system. One scene of movie, Rancho come to Virus and complain to Virus because Virus made one student suicide by rejecting his graduation project without main reasons. Rancho said Virus, you made him die and then ask "do you think is right purpose of education". Virus got mad and brought him to the class and make him teach how you would teach other people. Rancho wrote something on the white board and asked students solve this problem within 5 minutes. Since he said that all the students open their book and try to find the meaning of the word. No one could answer the question because he just mixed and wrote his friends' name. He asked students, when he wrote something on the board, did you feel excited because we learn something? and remind them what they did. they just opened book and busy to find that word not exciting to learn and then he left. This was the quite impressive moment to me because our education environment is almost same as what student did. Rancho influenced many things to Raju and Farhan. He changed his friends to make their own decision for their life. Also, Rancho was changed Virus' mind by helping her daughter. Virus son died because of accident, but the fact was not he suicide himself because Virus forced him to take test for entering ICE. He heard from his daughter. I think since he heard this, his mind started to look back his life. There are many funny scene and reversal at the last of the movie. I think this movie not only funny, but also give lesson to us. This movie made me think about 'what is purpose of studying and life'.

I think the ending scene is the funniest scene in this movie because the last scene show that Rancho was not wrong. He was not the guy always complain something without any purpose. The last scene prove he did right. This movie did not give me any answers, but this movie promote my thinking about life. I mostly summarize what I felt and thought, but this is really funny movie. I really recommend people to watch this. This movie is 141 minutes, but I've never lost my mind while I'm watching this movie.

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