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by Kiim
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Article 2 : Living in the Philippines

         When I was 18 years old, I decided to enter high school in the Philippines. I thought moving to the Philippines would be fun. It would be a warm place to live. Since I lived in South Korea, I thought going to the Philippines seemed like a good idea. This was the first time in my life that I spoke English. The new semester started in June. I went there in March, so I could learn English before the semester started. I lived with a Korean host family. There were other students from Korea living in their home. I went an international high school in Metro-Manila. Before I went to Philippines, I already had high school diploma in Korea. I went to there for experiencing another country. Philippines used Tagalog as their first language and used English as their second language. All the classes were used English. The good thing I liked this country was every things were cheaper than Korea. I ate many kinds of food and travel. There were many Korean in the Philippines, so I did not have to speak English or Tagalog. I always belonged with Korean friends. Some friends were a good at English, so I said Korean to friends and then they translated. I learned couple of Tagalog words and used it to them. It was quite fun. During a weekend, I went to beach with my friends. Philippines beaches were really pretty and clean. I still remember I saw many stars on the sky at night. It was really beautiful. I've never seen like this view before. When I lived in Korea, I barely saw stars because of the air pollution. I prefer to make friends than study. I think I got some friends who were Filipino. They loved K-pop and favourable to me, so I easily made friends. I've only been there for five months. I think most of my memories in Philippines were good. Sometime I missed Philippines warm weather, beaches, and my friends.

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