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Coco, Tawna & Crunch go on a vacation, Crash stays home & Aku Aku learned some new spells
Crash Bandicoot: Size matters

Chapter 1: Aku Aku's new spell
Crash Bandicoot was just strolling around Wumpa Island. Coco went on a vacation with Tawna and Crunch. Crash wanted to stay, in case of Cortex doing some crap again. Crash was thinking. He had a crush on Crunch since a long time. But he thought he was too small to match up with Crunch. Crash was looking at Aku Aku, still dreaming about Crunch.
         Crash. I know you really want to do something with Crunch. I have been learning some things about new magic recently.
Crash looks at Aku Aku, kinda interested.
         I know how to use growing spells. Do you want to try it out?
Crash is exited. He immediately nods at Aku Aku, accepting his offer.
         But you have to do me a favor in return. I would love to have you using me as a necklace.
Crash nods repeatedly. Aku Aku starts to rotate around Crash. Glitter starts flying around Crash. Aku Aku stops rotating and waits behind Crash. Suddenly, the glitter rushes into Crash. Crash glows. His feet start to grow. His shoes rip apart. They become twice as large as before. Crash looks at them, fist surprised, then excited. His legs become bigger. His muscles start growing, the upper legs become as big as the crate standing next to him. His whole body raises. His abs pop out of his stomach. The biceps start to get as big as medicine balls. The slowly grow and Crash starts sweating while he was smiling. He enjoys what is happening. His pecs start to bounce. With each bounce they get bigger. Bounce. Bigger. Bounce. Bigger. The bounces become loud, the raw meat slapping against itself. Crash starts moaning, very deeply. Crash is about 16.4 foot high. His pants are ripped, his gloves pop away from his growing, massive hands. His penis grows as well. The outlines become visible on the pants. Crash puts his hand on his balls.
         Too... big...
Crash looks down, licking his pecs with his big tongue. He looks up to Aku Aku. He takes a step forward and reaches for Aku Aku. His hand is twice as big as the magic mask. He takes him and stuffes him between his pecs.
         You necklace...
Crash kisses his biceps.
         I like. Thank you.
One of the evil crabs tries to attack Crash. Crash lifts his enormous foot and smashes it into the crab. The crab is completely flat and lying on the ground.

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