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Rated: E · Fiction · Contest · #2177681
A man gets a strange music box and when he starts it something wonderful happens.
The          music box

December          17, 2018

It was about a week before Christmas that he began putting up the decorations; tonight the family decorates the tree together. His wife is still at work when he brings down the last box. He hangs the stockings up on the mantle and he notices that his is heavier causing it to slip from his hand and onto the floor with a loud thud.

He opens the stocking and pulls out the wrapped box. The tag just says it's from someone special. 'Maria.' He thought with a smile. Opening it he looks at a small ceramic house, like the ones he just set up in the window. He goes to add it to the rest of the display when he notices it's a music box, curious, he twists the pin and it starts to play Carol of the bells, his favorite song, he holds it for another moment when his surroundings began to change.

He was now standing in his grandmother's living room watching his sister and him playing with his toys, she was always playing with his G.I. Joes. They had always loved playing with each other. He remembers how great of a Christmas that was. Just then he heard his Mother calling from the dining room that dinner was ready. He watched as Lucy gently put the figures inside the vehicles and in their seats and pretend to fasten their seatbelts, Closing the truck's door she reached over and gave him a great big squeeze around his neck and kissed him on the cheek and said 'Let's go.' He watched as his younger self and his sister ran into the dining room holding hands. He saw that all of his relatives were there. 'Uncle Howie's here?' That means that this was the last Christmas he would ever spend with his sister. He remembers that being the very best Christmas that he ever had; save but one.

His surroundings began to change once more; gradually his own home came into view through teary eyes. He watched his snow-covered mother and father walk through the front door with warm Christmas greetings. He watched himself greet his parents. They took off their coats and moved to the living room where his wife, Maria, stand with their newborn baby girl in her arms. His parents were talking in baby language the way all parents do with their newborn grandkids. She was born just a week before that then and it was also the first Christmas he had ever spent with his new wife. The tears were now impossible to stop. THIS was the most awesome Christmas he had ever spent with anybody . . . ever. His wife looked over at her new husband and with tears in her eye's she simply said, "Merry Christmas honey." He watched himself walk over and hug everyone standing there. That's when his older brother walked in the front door with snow-covered gifts in his hands. He put them down and said, "Hey dopey, Merry Christmas and you too Maria." He said with a grin.

The scene then changed to the same Christmas but now they were all in the dining room sitting down at the table. There were Paul and Judy, two of their best friends; obviously, both of his parents. His Brother and his wife, and of course his sister's best friend; she was still considered part of the family, especially since her parents were no longer with us. Everybody was laughing and having fun, there was a cheer and he watched as he stood up and gave a tribute to his sister and all those who couldn't be with them tonight. They all bowed their heads for a moment of silence and then he cheered to all those who were there. He remembered that they started that tradition the year his sister passed. He still keeps it up even today. He remembered all the joy of that night. The friends, family, and all those who belonged to the family; he wept in joy for all of them.

The music began to stop and his vision faded back into reality. He decided that he would strive to make every Christmas better than the last. He smiled at all of his favorite memories and as he put down the old house he realized that it looked a lot like his Grandmother's home. He rearranged the rest of his town to make this piece his new centerpiece. It was beautiful.
His wife walked through the door and he gave her a big heart filled hug.

"What was THAT for Jon?" She asked in a surprised voice.

"Why didn't you make me open it last Christmas?"

"Open what?" She asked again looking totally confused. He walked her over to the front window where the music box now sat and pointed to it.

"That, why didn't you give it to me last year? It's wonderful, thank you!" He said almost weeping again.

"Honey . . . I've never seen that before, I don't- Why do you think I gave it to you?" She asked. He walked over to the table where he put the wrapper and tag at. He picked them up and showed them to her and she read it. 'TO: Jon FROM: Someone special.

"Honey, that's not from me, that's not even my handwriting. It looks like a childs writing."

"Like an eleven-year old's handwriting?" He asked her.

"Maybe, what's going on Jon? You're starting to worry me." She said as she watched tears fall from her husband's eye's.

"It can't be possible." He whispered looking at the ground in disbelief. Then he looked up at the ceiling and whispered.

"I love you too sis."

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