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Comparing childhood with your current view on things.
Do you recall as a kid when your parents told you to clean your room but you were too anxious to go play instead. You would rather stay in your room and ignore what had to be done in order for you to have fun after. As an adult It seems as we've learned from that way of thinking and some of us have. There are three options we normally choose.
The first option
is that You let it build up to the point you have to take care of it all at once. You wait until the last possible moment to where now it's an overwhelming mess that you have to deal with the issue. Either your parents made you clean it or you are having people come over so now you're stressed to hurry and pick up everything.
Option number 2
That you try to keep your room picked up for the most part but you have a mess that you don't have time to clean up at the moment so you wait to get back to it.

Option number 3
That you've learned to pick up whatever mess you make. You'd rather deal with it right then and there so you fix the problem now while it's small than wait till it becomes something big.

This can be taken the same way in our own lives on how we face our own problems.

When Ignoring the issues you face you take a bunch of problems on yourself to where when it becomes to much for you to carry you unload all of it. The problem isn't going to vanish

When waiting on the issues you're faced with you've acknowledged there is an issue in your life that needs to be addressed but you don't have time to deal with it at the moment so you don't till its convenient for you.

When you address the problem that's at hand. You make it priority to make sure it gets fixed. Resolving the issue while it has your attention. To not only acknowledge that there's an issue but taking the incentive to solve it.
Which option do you fall under when picking up your mess?
Do you either ignore, wait, or fix. Do you explode when it's too much for you to take on? Do you wait to solve the issue or wait till it gets better? Or do you fix and confront the problem right away?
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