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Entrepreneurship at Christmas
The Grinch in Reverse

"Lyric, this isn't going to work and we're going to get in trouble."

"Trust me, Geoffrey. You're only six and I've seen a few more Christmas' than you have. I know how this stuff works and we'll be swimming in toys soon."

"Eight...you're only eight. You don't know everything!"

"Watch and learn, little brother."

"I'm going to bed. I don't want no part of this!'

"You're choice, but I don't share with wimpy little brothers too afraid to help."

"Lyric, are you sure?"

"Of course, who wouldn't believe two adorable little kids on Christmas Eve? They'll be throwing presents at us just to make us happy again."

"You're so bad, but I'm in. I could use some new Legos."

"Do you remember how to turn on the waterworks? It's going to be really important."

"Yeah, remember how good I did in the Christmas play. They had to tell me to stop singing."

"And you have to promise not to feel guilty later and then tell Mom about it."

"I won't...I won't."

"Do you think you got our story straight? You can't mess it up or they'll figure it out."

"I got it ...I got it. What do we do now?"

"We wait for Santa to get here."

"I think I hear hooves on the roof. And bells. Santa is really here, Lyric."

"Alright, hand me the phone. It's go time!"


"No backing out now, weasel boy."

"9-1-1, what is your emergency?"

"My brother and I just woke up. There's someone stealing our toys from under the tree. It's a mean fake Santa. Please help us. We're so scared. (sniffle...sniffle)"

"Do you see someone on the premises?"

"Yes, I told you he's stealing my toys."

"Where exactly in the home are you?"

"Closet hiding from that bad man. Wah, wah ...I'll never see my toys."

"Does he seem to know that you're in there?"

"No, my little brother is crying bad, Mister. Fake Santa is going to find us. I can't keep Geoffrey quiet."

"Is the intruder dressed like Santa Claus?"

"The in..what?"

"The perp..sorry, the guy in your house. Is he dressed like Santa?"

"Yes, but he's not real. We saw the real Santa put our presents under the tree. This guy is stealing them. You have to hurry"

"Are your parents at home?"

"Please, please,.....don't tell my Mom we waited up for Santa."

"Calm down, don't cry. A police car has been sent to your house. We'll have those toys back under the tree in no time."

"Thank you, officer. That whole big red bag of toys that he's carrying is for us. That bad man stole our whole Christmas. Just like the Grinch!"

"We'll make sure you get everything back. Nobody messes with Christmas!"

"But officer, I am the REAL Santa. Those toys are for all the boys and girls all over the world."

Word Count 477

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