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A positive message of overcoming struggle.

A message From: Brokenwords 19-Dec-18

         I wish I knew where to begin, unfortunately I do not. If it were you, where would you begin? It's not so much a question of where, but a question of when. Yes of course, lets talk about when. When is a matter of timing, as where is more of placement. When, can be the beginning of someone or something, while to another it could be the middle or the end.

         One thing is for certain, everything has a beginning, a middle, and finally comes to an inevitable end. That my friends is a hard pill to swallow for some, however, for others it's an understanding. Folks with an understanding of the end, that is so undoubtedly on the ever approaching horizon, have already begun to do their best to prepare for it. Using the gifts they have to live to the fullest, building piece by piece as they grow older.

         The good times are a reward, a blessing if you will. The bad times, now those are what really makes someone. When the bad comes rearing its unsavory ugly face, do your best to find a lesson to learn, a way to grow if you will, so when the bad is gone the good will flow and the blessings will rain down upon you. If the lesson isn't found, don't worry there will be plenty more opportunities to find ways to grow. There are always going to be hard, ugly, and bad times. Don't get overwhelmed tho, they are only brief moments. A series of never-ending moments, good and bad. Learn something from each and every fluttering moment. The bad will pass, some quicker than others. Just remember what Brandon Lee once said, "it can't rain all the time."

         The positive will find its way to you, it could be a cloud on a hot sunny day, your paycheck hit the bank, a hug from an old friend, a smile from someone who's in the eye of a hurricane, and anything in between. Always keep optimism flowing like the sea we live in, there is always something positive on the horizon. It won't always be something enormous, that can be seen from miles away. It could just be something subtle, meant to keep make sure we stay humble. Enjoy it for a brief moment, use what you have learned from previous encounters and prepare for the storms brewing between the horizons.

         The calm is always before and after every storm. What's on the horizon will either make you stronger, or it will knock you down making you feel weak. When the destruction passes, even if it doesn't seem like it will, know that inevitably it shall. Always remember to dust yourself off, bind whats broken, mend whats torn, and use what you have learned to prepare for the next disaster approaching. Your thoughts may be, "how will I make it through another treachery? "What will the next disaster be like?" "Will it be as harsh?" "Do i have the the knowledge to make it though?" A million questions will run through your mind, I know they do mine, as the storm gets closer. Don't allow the clouds to overwhelm you, beat you down, or lose focus before the rain ever begins to fall.

         Silence your mind, don't lose yourself to the clouds. Those vapors of fluff are there to make you forget that the horizon is bright and beautiful. Storm clouds will dismantle you if you allow them to, they will have you drowning before the rain ever gets close. Keep your mind still as the rains begin, let the first few drops touch your face letting you know it is real. Then use the knowledge you have from other storms to batten the hatches, tighten the lines, lower the sails and be prepared for the waves you know are fast approaching. Keep your head level in these moments, if you don't well that's when everything starts getting topsy turvy. Waves and rain will come crashing down, lose sight of the horizon and you will be in for a mess of trouble. Maintain the course, stay afloat, ride the waves, and weigh the anchor. It is going to get hairy, down right destructively disgusting. You will make it through if you remain focused. It may seem hard, but remember "Rome wasn't built in a day." It took copious amounts of planning, hard work, time, and patience.

         If you want to make it through the disaster you must understand that the storm is only temporary, maintain focus on the horizon, have the willingness to get through, and patience to ride every storm to the end. Without these tools, we make things difficult and ultimately seem impossible. Nothing is impossible if you approach it with the right state of mind. Uses the skills, tools, and arsenal you have available while learning new skills, gaining new tools, and ultimately growing your arsenal. Have understanding that nothing is permanent, so the treachery you are in wont last forever. Focus on making it through the storm, by not losing yourself or sight of what you want the outcome to be. Have the willingness to do what it takes to get through unscathed, without bringing harm to you or others. Be patient in learning new ways to make it through the storm and with the storm itself. They storm is going to move at its own pace, trying to rush it will only sink your ship quicker while taking someone else's down with you.

         Ultimately my point behind the metaphors and rambling, is struggle will be there throughout life. Everyone goes through them, some more often than others. What we do during the struggle defines who we are. Where we end up after the struggle depends on the individual, and when we make it through all boils down to how we handle each struggles. No one is perfect, I know and understand this, but if you handle the struggles with positivity then more than likely the end result will be positive. Handle it negatively, well then the outcome will be negative, not only for you but for anyone around you. Struggles will come and go, learn to prosper and grow.

         In conclusion, literature teacher gained their wings, Keep your head level on your shoulders, remain positive with your heart, maintain focus in your mind, be patient with your actions, let your feet be planted firmly, grasp the helm firmly with your hands , and keep your eyes to the horizon. If you do this then, no matter what the storm, struggle, disaster, or whatever you choose to call it, will be impossible to overcome. You can achieve anything if you approach it with the right set of tools!

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