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The different ways I managed my groups.
This is my fourth group. I have learned a great deal. When I decided to dedicate myself to my writing, I discovered that it was free to use Amazon, as an individual seller, anyway. I found Canva was a free tool that I could use to create my book covers. In fact, I found a great deal of free resources to use to run my writing business. This gave me an idea. I needed to attract readers and buyers for my books. I was already in Facebook groups, and the leaders of these groups were actually attracting buyers for their products in their groups. It was like a little light bulb appeared over my head. I could create a group and, at least, learn how to attract group members. After I had a few members I could, then, start on a way to create buyers for my books. Because I had started my writing business with free resources, I thought this could be what my message would be. I began “Shade Tree Entrepreneurs”. I posted many posts about economical business. I attracted five members that really didn’t engage a great deal, and I learned that my overall message was not being received well. I still believe that you don’t have to bankrupt yourself in order to run a business.

I had a passion for nature and conservation. I was hearing that you should base your business around your passion, so I figured that I could have a better chance with a Facebook group that was based on my passion. I started Canadian Conservative Hunters. I started with my mother and her partner as my first members and decided that a few daily features would have me posting daily with some simple things that would spark the interest of my members and keep them coming back. These features included setting your goals for the week and sharing a conservation website link you found interesting. I pumped out as many articles as I could about the environment, hoping to get comments. I got about 9 members this time, but no comments or engagement. This went on through one more group that kept changing names and focuses.

Long story short, it has been a long road. I believe, though, that “Transition to Success” is where I can help people and make my own dreams come true. I have definitely been there. I am going with the daily features again. But, I have included surveys and questions to stimulate my current membership and to show anyone who looks in on the group exactly what kind of person and group leader I am.

Christmas is just the beginning of next week, but I am planning to take a few minutes Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day to connect with my group. I will be doing the same thing during New Year’s.

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments. That’s me as a leader.
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